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    Were the Founders Soft on Cursive?

    by Craig Ladwig It seemed a harmless enough idea. The copy editor here, Joyce Preest, who holds a graduate degree in communication, wrote a lament about the recent decision by Indiana educators to abandon cursive or so-called “secretary” writing. Her column, published widely, split families right down the Carolingian minuscule. Mrs. Preest’s own daughter, a […]

    1940 RNC Movie — Same Ol’ Debate

    I laugh and I laugh and I laugh whenever I hear these “Independents” and “Third Way” cultists try so hard to hatch schemes to get around the traditional Liberty vs. Tyranny debates. Take a look at this article from LIFE magazine (April 29, 1940) where you might find a familiar debate.  It includes stills from a movie […]

    Renewing License Plate Tags Can Get You Thinking

    We just had a potential problem with our vehicle registration that strung out over a few days. After my wife’s first frustrating encounter her parents were upset because she didn’t “drop my name” at the license branch. At first we were both a bit confused as to what they could have meant. I do go […]

    An Indiana Economist on the ‘Recovery’

    The Economic ‘Recovery’: $615,000 for a Temporary Job? by John Tatom, Ph.D. Keynesian economists, especially Alan Blinder and Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman, have been stridently outspoken recently about the notion that federal stimulus could destroy jobs. They are most concerned that this view is a threat to sound policy-making and that public opinion is swinging […]

    Energy Tax Hikes Not an Option for Super-Committee

    There are many options for our nation’s new federal deficit super-committee to consider, but one of them must not be tax increases on domestic energy producers. Our readers know this story all too well; Democrats couching new oil and gas taxes in terms like “tax reform” or “changes to the tax code.” Yes, tax reform […]

    Marriages of Convenience Often End in Divorce

    I’ve long held the opinion that the two party system would remain for a long time to come. There were a few reasons for my line of reasoning: American cultural psychology Information overload American political tradition Our fallen nature While there has always been room for the UnCola, RC, and various flavors of root beer, […]

    Mitch Daniels vs. Jon Huntsman

    It is apparent that Jon Huntsman, who will soon be speaking to the Indiana GOP via the Indiana Republican Party presidential speaker series, cannot bury his belief in man-made global warming, so he has decided to side against most republicans and tout it in efforts to get the media’s vote: Kudos to him being an […]

    The Fundamental Failures of the “Balanced Approach.”

    The left has recently popularized the concept of the “Balanced Approach,” where tax hikes and spending cuts are combined to reduce the national debt. President Obama proposed a budget that would include vaguely defined spending cuts, but would also include $1 trillion+ in new taxes through the ending of subsidies and in new taxes on […]

    Remain Calm all is Well

    “The American economy is still strong….” Those words were uttered by Indiana’s senior Senator, Richard Lugar, this week. This proclamation was met with angst amongst many people. The issues and uncertainty with our economy are well-documented. When Senator Lugar’s comments were challenged, his political director, David Wilkie, stated “Dick Lugar believes the American economy is […]

    Mayor Ballard launches first TV ad, saying “We’re not done yet”

    Mayor Greg Ballard launches his first television ad, saying “We’re not done yet, but we are well on our way.” Watch it here: Capturing the uplifting and hopeful spirit that is Indianapolis under Mayor Ballard’s leadership, this ad serves as a stark contrast to the way Indianapolis used to be. While other cities are looking at […]


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