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    Life Sciences Does Wonders for Indiana, Medical Device Tax Does Not

    I’ve learned it is really easy for public officials to highlight certain statistics on job reports and other work force reports and hide other statistics. Recently, I started paying more attention to how much of the population is underemployed and the type of jobs being created. If the number of jobs are increasing as a […]

    OPEN ITEM: Indiana TV Landscape Shakeup

    Big change in the Fort Wayne television landscape as the stations collectively known as “Indiana’s News Center” were sold and will now be operated jointly by Quincy Newspapers, Inc. of Illinois, according to Paul Wyche of the Journal Gazette. These stations comprise the ABC and NBC affiliates in the Fort Wayne market, as well as […]

    A Way Forward on Business Personal Property Taxes

    With the New Year comes a new legislative session and a new opportunity for Hoosiers to make their voices heard for low tax, pro-economic growth policies. One of these opportunities is the debate over whether to eliminate Indiana’s business personal property tax. This is a tax on the machinery, equipment, and office supplies that contribute […]

    OPEN ITEM – Welcome the Indy Star’s Statehouse Team

    At the end of a long article covering Governor Mike Pence’s proposal to phase out property taxes on industrial equipment is a brief introduction to some of the other issues in the legislature and introductions to the team who will be covering the action in the Statehouse for the Indianapolis Star. We pulled out the […]

    Focus Tax Code Reform on Improving the Economy, Not Punishing Business

    Senator Max Baucus (D-Mont.) has been working on legislation aimed at meaningful tax code reform. While word is he will be nominated by President Barack Obama to serve as our nation’s ambassador to China, Sen. Baucus released a draft of where he would like to see tax code reform headed. Karen Kerrigan, President of the […]

    Hoosiers Look to Legislators to Restrain Spending

    Americans for Prosperity in Indiana have been busy in the build up to the next legislative session. You’ll remember last session they strongly supported Governor Mike Pence’s successful push for an income tax reduction. In the last few months they’ve been thanking legislators who stood up for economic freedom and subsequently developed a naughty list […]

    Tax Code Reform Should Not Put Economy at Risk

    Now that our government is back in business, both political parties say they want to find long-term solutions to our country’s fiscal woes. That could mean striking a deal to cut spending, reduce the debt, and have another go at reforming – or simplifying – the nation’s tax code. I anticipate trouble when politicians say […]

    In August a Member of Congress’ Fancy Turns Lightly to Town Halls – Open Item

    I figured I’d class up the joint a bit (or butcher Tennyson, your choice) for today’s Open Item. Our fun fact of the day, and inspiration for misappropriating 19th Century poetry, was a story in Roll Call’s “Heard on the Hill” section. According to Katie Smith, writing for “Heard on the Hill,” Congressman Todd Young […]

    Farewell to the State Death Tax

    We’ve all heard Benjamin Franklin’s famous quote: “In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” One policy happens to combine both of these inevitable phenomena: the inheritance tax. Under previous Indiana law, when a family member passed away and left certain property to his or her inheritors, the beneficiary […]

    High Cigarette Taxes Embolden Dangerous Criminals

    -By Warner Todd Huston Indiana’s cigarette tax is relatively low. Chicago has been complaining for some time that people will go to the Hoosier State, buy a few cartons, then come back to Chicago and sell them at prices undercutting Illinois rates, but still make money. Kentucky, though its tax isn’t too high, also finds […]


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