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  • All posts in Shady Democrat Doings

    Open item: Supervising teens and local government

    According to federal prosecutors, a concrete company sent fraudulent invoices to Bloomington city government, which were approved by a city employee. (Link requires a subscription.) The fraudulent invoices, paid between May 13, 2011 and February 14, 2014, amounted to over $800,000, and the city employee allegedly took a kickback. The big question here is how […]

    Legal, ethical questions abound for Indiana School Superintendent Glenda Ritz

    Democrat State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Glenda Ritz, still has a mountain of questions to answer in the wake of  the drummed up email controversies about State Superintendent Tony Bennett and Governor Mitch Daniels. Most urgently, she must answer “Did you, Glenda Ritz and/or your staff, authorize or give consent to your legal counsel to lie […]

    Impeachment of Obama may be necessary in the Zimmerman case

    President Barack Obama should be impeached if he violates the Constitution’s prohibition against double jeopardy in the George Zimmerman case. There has already been a criminal trial, and Zimmerman was found “not guilty” by a jury. A foundational principle of our constitutional republic is that the government does not get a “do-over” if it does […]

    A food and beverage tax in Monroe County?

    The Monroe County Council is speeding toward a vote to take money out of the hands of citizens and give it to private business. The goal is to expand the convention center, which will supposedly create a number of jobs for downtown businesses. But no one has answered the most important question in this discussion. […]

    Jose Evans’ party switch a product of Democrat ‘sit down and shut up’ policy

    When Indianapolis City-County Councilor Jose Evans switched to the Republican Party early this week, it took the media by storm and apparently shocked Marion County Democrats. However, no one should take those shocked Democrats seriously. Why? Because “Establishment Democrats” only love you when you act according to their “sit down and shut up” policy. They […]

    Barack Obama, drone strikes and extrajudicial assassinations

    Last week, a white paper was leaked to NBC News regarding the President’s alleged legal authority to order drone strikes to assassinate American citizens. Reason.com published an excellent follow-up analysis of why the justification is scary and should worry everyone who values our civil liberties. While I have been very critical of Barack Obama on […]

    Leonard fails again to do basic journalism

    When you are writing a news article, you should get both sides of the story. Ideally, you should get a statement from the primary person on both sides – especially a state senator who has proposed controversial legislation. Why is this so difficult for the Bloomington Herald-Times to understand? Or is it more likely that […]

    Monroe County Council gives money to Planned Parenthood under cover of darkness

    In its most recent fiscal report, Planned Parenthood of Indiana reported that they took in over $900,000 more than they spent. Yet the Monroe County Council decided that PP “deserves” $2,564 forcibly confiscated from Monroe County taxpayers. Since there is a limited amount of money to be distributed, legitimate local charities that do not have […]

    Susan Rice is too corrupt to be the SOS

    Without evidence of corruption or gross incompetence, the President should have the ability to appoint whoever they want for positions in their administration. The Senate may reserve the right to block a nominee, but most of them should go forward. This is why I think it was a mistake for Republicans to block IU law […]

    Who are the real racists?

    Leftists (especially Rachel Maddow) have been declaring for weeks that Mitt Romney’s ads attacking Obama on welfare reform are a “dog whistle” to racists and play on racist resentment whites have against black people. With these criticisms, Romney’s critics on the Left reveal their own racist views. Here’s the issue: The only way the accusation […]


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