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  • All posts in Presidential Politics

    State of the Union: Long on Words, Short on New Ideas

    Last night a few intrepid souls charged forward and watched the State of the Union broadcast. We joined them and the most pithy analysis of the event was the same speech from previous years with a little different window dressing. As expected President Obama threatened on many occasions to wield his pen to implement executive […]

    Watch the State of the Union with Hoosier Access!

    Many of our readers have been sharing with us that they’re in no mood to watch or listen to the State of the Union this evening. To quote one of our editors, “We’re political geeks, we’re going to watch it anyway!” If you’d like to join us this evening, please do so… we’ll be using […]

    Mitt: Loser For Life?

    Friday night, Mitt Romney visited Late Night and Jimmy Fallon voiced the question that I was thinking: “You’re so loose and funny during this [MITT]. Where was this guy during the election?” It turns out that Mitt Romney is like a lot of Americans. He is firm in his faith, devoted to his family, and […]

    OPEN ITEM: Agendas, Campaigns and Polls Make the News

    Before we get into the political news of the day, I want to take just a brief moment at the top of our open item to mention what was a tough day for Indiana and an even tougher day for students and supporters of Purdue University. While we engage in our debates and discussions over […]

    20 signs you’ve gulped the DC kool aid

    In the wake of the newest betrayal by GOP leadership in DC, Jennifer Rubin has an exasperatingly insulting article out (I refuse to link to it) about the 20 signs we small government folks have ‘drunk the kool aid.’ Many of us conservatives, however, are no stranger to her sad exploits though, as she appeals […]

    We Get the Government We Deserve

    This weekend we saw a number of frustrated citizens take a stand to show that they will not allow the government to close our monuments. Depending on who you speak with in the political world, this may seem like a hollow gesture. “What did they actually accomplish?” is a question you might hear. Here’s what […]

    Guess who is adding a new member to their leadership team

    Word is that a certain player in Indiana politics is adding a new top-tier member to their team. We can’t give you more than that right now though — you’ll have to check back tomorrow morning. For now, however, with so much going on between congressional campaigns, 2016 POTUS start-ups, state legislature candidates, statewide office […]

    ObamaCare: Defund, Delay or Just Dismayed?

    The debate surrounding ObamaCare has been overwhelming. Between being sick earlier this week, catching up on past work and trying to keep up with other blog business, it’s been difficult to find time to write. However, there is too much importance surrounding the cloture vote later today to not weigh in on the debate. I […]

    Barack Obama is the President!

    Barack Obama is the President of the United States! I know this may seem very difficult to believe, but it is true. Obama was elected on November 04, 2008 and he was elected to a second term on November 06, 2012. He was sworn into office on January 20, 2009 and has been President every […]

    Obama’s obvious hypocrisy on AP phone records

    On Rachel Maddow’s television program, she pointed out that the reason the Obama Justice Department was allowed to snoop around in the Associated Press’ phone records is because there is not a federal shield law that would prevent it- blocked, naturally, by those dastardly Republicans. Maddow also pointed out that Obama supported and sponsored a […]


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