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    20 signs you’ve gulped the DC kool aid

    In the wake of the newest betrayal by GOP leadership in DC, Jennifer Rubin has an exasperatingly insulting article out (I refuse to link to it) about the 20 signs we small government folks have ‘drunk the kool aid.’ Many of us conservatives, however, are no stranger to her sad exploits though, as she appeals […]

    We Get the Government We Deserve

    This weekend we saw a number of frustrated citizens take a stand to show that they will not allow the government to close our monuments. Depending on who you speak with in the political world, this may seem like a hollow gesture. “What did they actually accomplish?” is a question you might hear. Here’s what […]

    Avoid Raising Taxes Amid Shutdown Negotiations

    Well, the rumors are flying here Friday that the Republicans and Democrats are in furious negotiation for an end to the shutdown. In one respect this is a positive development because they’re actually all talking to each other and that’s what our representatives are supposed to be doing. Unfortunately it seems like the Republicans are […]

    Reflections in a Bleary Eye: Can we bypass the feds to restore our liberties? Will we?

    As I write this, Nielsen BookScan shows Mark Levin’s latest book, The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic, riding at number three after five weeks on the non-fiction bestseller list. It’s clearly struck a chord. But Levin, a highly intelligent and thoughtful man, has done that before. His previous books, Men in Black, Liberty and […]

    ObamaCare: Defund, Delay or Just Dismayed?

    The debate surrounding ObamaCare has been overwhelming. Between being sick earlier this week, catching up on past work and trying to keep up with other blog business, it’s been difficult to find time to write. However, there is too much importance surrounding the cloture vote later today to not weigh in on the debate. I […]

    Karl Rove: Genius or Utter Failure?

    Some sobering thoughts on the impact Karl Rove has had on the conservative movement from Doug Ross @ Journal. Ross ties Rove’s recent track record along with the positioning on the fight over ObamaCare. Indiana’s Republican delegation received a nice profile by David Lawder of Reuters yesterday in the wake of the vote to defund […]

    HOOSIER HIGHLIGHT: House Passes Nutrition Program Reform

    It’s been a while since we’ve updated the Hoosier Highlight. On the heels of yesterday’s item discussing the agriculture provisions of the farm bill, it’s only fitting we bring you Congressman Marlin Stutzman’s (R-Howe) floor speech on the House Republicans’ efforts to reform the nutrition provisions of the farm bill. If you click the image […]

    Is this Definition ‘Journalist’ Enough For Ya?

    Defining who is and isn’t a journalist is now under the purview of the federal government thanks to Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), working with Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL). Last week they worked to get legislation through the Judiciary Committee that would determine who is and isn’t qualified to receive protection […]

    Constitution Day Makes Me Nostalgic for Republic

    The anniversary of the signing of the Constitution deserves as much attention as any other national holiday but is often just glossed over. While making it a holiday has promoted awareness of the Constitution and its role in establishing our Republic, I’m not sure that it’s doing much to actually promote understanding of the document. […]

    For Want of an Energy Policy…

    For want of a commonsense energy policy, our nation’s economy and energy security are at risk today. And if that’s not enough to shake Americans out of complacency, start watching the numbers at the gas pump as the volatile situation in the Middle East continues to heat up. As the instability of oil exporting countries […]


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