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  • All posts in National Politics

    OPEN ITEM – Senator Coats Takes on Harry Reid

    Senator Dan Coats (R-Ind.) received a great deal of attention when he voted for the motion to proceed for the Senate to consider extending unemployment benefits without offsetting the cost of that extension. He defended his vote to proceed based on the assumption that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) would allow him and his […]

    Zoeller Fights ObamaCare in Courts While Others Send Letters

    Earlier this week a number of state attorneys general joined to write about the President Obama’s proposed “fixes” to the Affordable Care Act.  David Sherfinski of The Washington Times reports that eleven Republican attorneys general signed on to the letter to protest the haphazard implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). From the letter spearheaded […]

    Focus Tax Code Reform on Improving the Economy, Not Punishing Business

    Senator Max Baucus (D-Mont.) has been working on legislation aimed at meaningful tax code reform. While word is he will be nominated by President Barack Obama to serve as our nation’s ambassador to China, Sen. Baucus released a draft of where he would like to see tax code reform headed. Karen Kerrigan, President of the […]

    Open Item – Pence Delivers His Jobs Agenda for Next Year

    Quite a bit in the news yesterday so we’re going to revive our old Open Item feature and try to kill several birds with one stone. The biggest news yesterday was the unveiling of Governor Mike Pence’s agenda for the economy. He has another event planned for Fort Wayne Thursday morning where he’ll unveil his […]

    Polar Ice Cap Dreamin’

    Well, the time has come and passed – Gateway Pundit reminded us that five years ago yesterday former Vice President Al Gore infamously warned us that “the entire North Polarized cap will disappear in five years.” Five years later and the Polar Ice Cap is still kicking and Santa’s Workshop is presumably working overtime to […]

    Reflections in a Bleary Eye: Alec Baldwin, Conservative Poster Boy?

    Much as it pains me, I must admit: I agree with Ann Coulter on the trials and tribulations of Alec Baldwin. As Ann points out in her article, liberals and conservatives alike are bullying Alec these days. And I can vouch for that. A week or so ago, Ben Shapiro’s TruthRevolt organization, of which I’m […]

    Tax Code Reform Should Not Put Economy at Risk

    Now that our government is back in business, both political parties say they want to find long-term solutions to our country’s fiscal woes. That could mean striking a deal to cut spending, reduce the debt, and have another go at reforming – or simplifying – the nation’s tax code. I anticipate trouble when politicians say […]

    Signing Up for Obamacare is a Full-Time Job

    It would be an understatement to say the roll out of Obamacare has been a disaster.  All across the country people are losing the insurance plans they were promised they could keep.  The website healthcare.gov only seems to work when the wind is blowing properly, the sun is shining, and aluminum foil is properly placed […]

    REFLECTIONS IN A BLEARY EYE: Where’s Buckley’s Legacy Now?

    Bill Buckley changed my life. It was primarily he and his publication, National Review, that fed my mind in the early 1980s and convinced me I was a conservative, not the liberal I once thought myself. My socio-political views – in truth never seriously pondered previously – had been undergoing a change since my Navy days in […]

    Right Wing Purity Tests Elect Democrats

    The major uproar of late has been concerning the shutdown of the government over the budget, debt limit, and mostly… the individual mandate in Obamacare. Fists have been flying from all sides; Democrats blaming Republicans, Republicans blaming Democrats and worst of all, Republicans blaming Republicans. As I sat back and watched the drama unfold over […]


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