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    What’s in a Number?
    Boehner Following Sodrel, Puckett on Trip to ANWR

    It looks like Republican congressional challengers are already showing the leadership necessary to be elected to Congress. At least that’s what Republican House Minority Leader John Boehner thinks. Why else would Boehner announce that he is taking several freshman House Republicans on a trip to ANWR?  While Luke Puckett and five other Republican challenger candidates […]

    Burton Releases Plan for Energy Independence

    Congressman Dan Burton has released his plan for energy independence.  It focuses on drilling in ANWR and the Continental Shelf, but also seeks to promote research on alternative forms of energy such as wind, coal to liquid and nuclear.  He also wants to relieve the current rise in food prices by making more land available […]

    Delicious Dish – Pollster Luntz Dishes on Politics

    *Editors Note – This is part two (part one found here) of a guest post by Holly Davis. This time she writes about Frank Lutz talking about what he knows best; politics! Holly Davis is the Executive Director of the Indiana Leadership Forum and is Vice President of Gauge Market Research.* This morning, the Pacer’s […]

    Short on Ideas, Democrats Resort to Bribery

    With recent polls showing Congressman Mark Souder with well over 50% re-elect numbers, it’s no surprise that Democrat challenger Mark Montagano and other Democrats around the nation are resorting to desperate and somewhat illegal tricks to try to sway voters. From the Chicago Tribune: FORT WAYNE, Ind. – Several motorists got a $1.13 break at […]

    Hey Pete, Joe, Andre, Brad and Baron How Much is Too Much?

    Here’s an open letter to all of our Democrat Indiana Congressmen and their constituents. I just have one question to ask; how much is too much? Unleaded gas in some parts of Indiana is over $4.00 a gallon. “It is painful. It is painful,” said Fischbach, 44, Marion, who paid $4.08 for unleaded regular at […]


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