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    New Pence Chief of Staff Jim Atterholt

    Yesterday Governor Mike Pence named Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission Chair Jim Atterholt as his new Chief of Staff. Atterholt’s selection by Gov. Pence has been one of those rare moments in politics when there is very little criticism of what is a fairly high-profile decision. We are not in the business of breaking political news, […]

    Hoosier Democrats Opposed to Pence Telling Our Story

    Governor Mike Pence is in New York City making pitches to potential investors who need to hear about Indiana’s story. These are fairly routine trips, in fact I shared a plane once with someone from Fort Wayne on their way out to New York for one of these trips. I would like to say I […]

    OPEN ITEM – Gov. Pence in DC for Governors Associations Meetings

    Governor Mike Pence was in Washington, D.C. over the weekend attending the Republican Governors Association and National Governors Association meetings and had the opportunity to hit a number of cable news programs while we was out there. One appearance he made that doesn’t necessarily have the same ratings as some of the cable news outlets […]

    OPEN ITEM – Propane Emergency and Candidate Filings

    A big story that impacts many Hoosiers and other families across the Midwest is the current shortage of propane. While it isn’t as big an issue in urban areas, there are a number of people who depend on propane to heat their homes. As the record cold weather has rocked this region of the country […]

    A Way Forward on Business Personal Property Taxes

    With the New Year comes a new legislative session and a new opportunity for Hoosiers to make their voices heard for low tax, pro-economic growth policies. One of these opportunities is the debate over whether to eliminate Indiana’s business personal property tax. This is a tax on the machinery, equipment, and office supplies that contribute […]

    OPEN ITEM – State of the State News and Views

    Governor Mike Pence gave his State of the State address last night. Rob Burgess will have his analysis of the vote up on the site a bit later today, but I thought today’s Open Item could give you a taste of what happened as it happened in case you missed the speech. As you know […]

    OPEN ITEM – Welcome the Indy Star’s Statehouse Team

    At the end of a long article covering Governor Mike Pence’s proposal to phase out property taxes on industrial equipment is a brief introduction to some of the other issues in the legislature and introductions to the team who will be covering the action in the Statehouse for the Indianapolis Star. We pulled out the […]

    OPEN ITEM – Snowbound and Down

    Many parts of Indiana are under a snow emergency today as record-breaking levels of snowfall covered the state. Much of the news of the day is focused on how folks are dealing with the snow, and we commend you to your local news outlets to get the latest information on what is happening in your […]

    Pence Talks Family Issues on His Agenda

    Remember those old Gatorade commercial’s featuring Michael Jordan and that song “I want to be like Mike.” Well after today’s event where Governor Mike Pence rolled out the family-focused elements of his 2014 legislative agenda, I think it can be safely said that this agenda is very much “like Mike.” Standing before a crowd of […]

    Open Item – Pence Delivers His Jobs Agenda for Next Year

    Quite a bit in the news yesterday so we’re going to revive our old Open Item feature and try to kill several birds with one stone. The biggest news yesterday was the unveiling of Governor Mike Pence’s agenda for the economy. He has another event planned for Fort Wayne Thursday morning where he’ll unveil his […]


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