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  • All posts in Local Politics

    CDBG grants and the Tenth Amendment

    Why are the taxpayers of the other 49 states subsidizing local government and private charities in Bloomington, Indiana? If local government is going to be distributing money, shouldn’t it be from the local tax base? Last night, the Bloomington City Council voted to distribute a pot of money from the federal government to various social […]

    Reducing Drug Crime With an Eye on the Future

    One of the largest topics of debate outside the legislature in 2014 will be drug crime reform legislation House Enrolled Act 1006. Passed last session, HEA 1006, written by State Representative Greg Steuerwald (R-Avon), revamped Indiana’s Criminal Code and goes into effect the first day of July 2014. Provisions of the law may be delayed […]

    OPEN ITEM – Welcome the Indy Star’s Statehouse Team

    At the end of a long article covering Governor Mike Pence’s proposal to phase out property taxes on industrial equipment is a brief introduction to some of the other issues in the legislature and introductions to the team who will be covering the action in the Statehouse for the Indianapolis Star. We pulled out the […]

    Open Item – Pence Delivers His Jobs Agenda for Next Year

    Quite a bit in the news yesterday so we’re going to revive our old Open Item feature and try to kill several birds with one stone. The biggest news yesterday was the unveiling of Governor Mike Pence’s agenda for the economy. He has another event planned for Fort Wayne Thursday morning where he’ll unveil his […]

    The absurdity of funding Planned Parenthood

    Think about this number for a minute: $169,000.00.That is how much more Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky took in over what they spent thus far into their fiscal year, according to the report they presented to the Monroe County Council requesting a handout from the county council’s community service grants. There are two other […]

    We Get the Government We Deserve

    This weekend we saw a number of frustrated citizens take a stand to show that they will not allow the government to close our monuments. Depending on who you speak with in the political world, this may seem like a hollow gesture. “What did they actually accomplish?” is a question you might hear. Here’s what […]

    E-mail forwarding, open records and local government

    When a public e-mail is forwarded, what is and is not subject to public records requests? The Herald-Times carried a story on Sunday about county government elected officials sending their official e-mails to a private email account, raising concerns about transparency. (The story is behind a pay wall and requires a subscription.) There is discussion […]

    Greetings from Orlando – Open Item

    Hey, we may be in Florida but it doesn’t mean we can’t stay on top of what is going on back in the Hoosier state, right? For those of you who are wondering this place is amazing and we have a full day of content headed your way. Back home some of the big news […]

    Government Staff Changes and Cheese Sculptures – Open Item

    Our work following the emails requested by Associated Press reporter Tom LoBiondo and the response that was received when someone asked for public information about that request continues. Derek Trovilion wrote an excellent piece explaining why he filed an additional public records release and what is at stake in the education debate as the focus […]

    In Search of a Challenger – Open Item

    We shared with you late Friday over social media and later over the weekend on the blog that last year’s Democrat candidate for Indiana’s Second Congressional District, Brendan Mullen, wouldn’t be reprising the role in 2014. The Elkhart Truth‘s Tim Vandenack has been tracking down other potential candidates to get their read on the race. […]


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