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  • All posts in Indiana Republican Party

    Speakers Unite Convention Delegates; Candidates Scramble for Votes

    Speaking as a Fort Wayne resident, the Grand Wayne Center really did our city proud hosting the Indiana Republican Convention. Speaking to party officials attendance has exceeded their expectations and it was difficult to spy many open seats among the delegates from the press stand. The bulk of the program last night was devoted to […]

    Welcome to Fort Wayne Convention Delegates!

    I’ve been a long-time advocate for giving regions of the state opportunities to bid for hosting the state convention during non-Presidential years. It’s even more exciting to me that just under 24 hours from now delegates can start picking up their credentials for the state convention in downtown Fort Wayne! Since you all are coming […]

    OPEN ITEM: Agendas, Campaigns and Polls Make the News

    Before we get into the political news of the day, I want to take just a brief moment at the top of our open item to mention what was a tough day for Indiana and an even tougher day for students and supporters of Purdue University. While we engage in our debates and discussions over […]

    Indiana Political Campaigns Need to Emerge from ‘The Cave’

    People probably are tired of me writing about Patrick Ruffini but for my money he’s one of the smartest conservative strategists out there. In the aftermath of the Virginia and New Jersey gubernatorial elections Ruffini wrote a piece for The Federalist discussing how political campaigns have improved, and more importantly how they haven’t, after the […]

    Guess who is adding a new member to their leadership team

    Word is that a certain player in Indiana politics is adding a new top-tier member to their team. We can’t give you more than that right now though — you’ll have to check back tomorrow morning. For now, however, with so much going on between congressional campaigns, 2016 POTUS start-ups, state legislature candidates, statewide office […]

    Casey Cox Elected State Representative in HD 85

    State Representative Casey Cox (R-Fort Wayne) was elected today to complete the term of long-time legislator Phyllis Pond at a caucus earlier this evening. Rep. Cox, a self-described “Regan baby” will represent the 85th District, which includes portions of northeast Fort Wayne, the City of New Haven, and a large swath of northern and eastern […]

    Fort Wayne Has Many Nicknames – Open Item

    Today you can call Fort Wayne “Convention City.” The Republican Party announced yesterday that the 2014 Indiana State Republican Convention would be held in Fort Wayne according to a report from WANE-TV. As we mentioned yesterday, State Auditor Tim Berry was elected chairman of the Indiana State Republican Party as well. You may recall in […]

    Why Does Marsha Get Her Way? Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!

    UPDATED – 6:42 pm 7/19/2013 – See below As we shared with you when we originally handicapped potential candidates for Governor Mike Pence’s selection for Indiana National Republican Committeewoman, it was entirely possible he’d go with someone who wasn’t being publicly mentioned and wouldn’t be an obvious choice. Marsha Coats fit both ends of that […]

    Pence Nominates Marsha Coats to RNC

    Hoosier Access has confirmed that Governor Mike Pence (R-IN) will name Marsha Coats, wife of U.S. Senator Dan Coats, as the next Republican National Committeewoman from Indiana. Our friend Abdul-Hakim Shabazz at IndyPolitics.Org broke the story that Gov. Pence has informed members of the state committee by conference call of his selection. The governor’s nomination […]

    The Next Indiana Republican National Committeewoman

    Governor Mike Pence has made a number of appointments to key party and state leadership positions. We can anticipate that the process surrounding his appointment to succeed Tim Berry as State Auditor and Becky Skillman as National Committeewoman will be as tight-lipped and held as close to the vest as his pick of Berry for […]


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