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  • All posts in Indiana Politics

    OPEN ITEM: HJR3 Amended and #SOTU

    Good morning. Today is the 28th of January and this is your Open Item. If you were unaware, yesterday evening the Indiana House of Representatives voted to amend the Marriage Amendment (HJR3) by removing the second sentence from it. It looks like this action, if upheld by the State Senate, will keep this issue off […]

    Profiling the Indiana State Treasurer Race

    Over the course of the past week, I reached out to the three declared candidates for the Republican nomination to be the next Indiana State Treasurer: Marion Mayor Wayne Seybold, financial adviser Don Bates, Jr. and Indiana Office of the Treasurer employee Kelly Mitchell. These individuals have chosen to take on a daunting task of […]

    OPEN ITEM: It’ll Be a Cold Day in Indiana…

    Well, they all seem to be cold days this year. I was told by a county councilman that this is Indiana and if I didn’t like it I should move out of state, before he recanted because the county “needs my tax dollars.” Cold weather brings out the best in us all, eh? We had […]

    HJR 3’s Second Sentence Won’t Harm Corporations

    Both thoughtful and heated participants in the debate over Indiana’s proposed marriage amendment have expressed deep concern about the second sentence of the measure. While the first half of HJR 3 merely enshrines in the state constitution what is already defined in statute, the second sentence clarifies that a “legal status identical or substantially similar […]

    Let’s be real about the marriage amendment

    In addition to the debate over whether Indiana’s state constitution should be amended to recognize homosexual marriage, the amendment’s opponents argue that the amendment would make it illegal for private business to grant domestic partner benefits to homosexuals or to unmarried heterosexual employees. The first thing to do, as always, is to look at the […]

    So You Made It To Election Day . . .

    It is Election Day. You have raised money, knocked on doors, made phone calls and have basically campaigned every waking moment available. Today is the day you have been waiting for. There are some things that you need to do on Election Day though that not every person thinks of . . . Vote! It […]

    The College Lone Survivor

    I must say that finding something interesting to do on a Saturday night in Muncie, Indiana is quite a difficult task. Usually, we go bowling or find somewhere to eat off campus but this weekend was different, we went to the movie theater. We were all totally pumped to see The Lone Survivor, a personal favorite of […]

    Mitt: Loser For Life?

    Friday night, Mitt Romney visited Late Night and Jimmy Fallon voiced the question that I was thinking: “You’re so loose and funny during this [MITT]. Where was this guy during the election?” It turns out that Mitt Romney is like a lot of Americans. He is firm in his faith, devoted to his family, and […]

    OPEN ITEM – Snow, Romney and Looking Ahead

    Good morning. Today is the 25th of January and this is your Open Item. Several counties have been placed under Winter Weather Advisories . . . again. Please be safe out on the roads. The much anticipated documentary Mitt was released on Netflix yesterday. This behind the scenes look at the Romney campaigns is extremely insightful. […]

    State of the Media: A House of Cards

    When we think about politics and TV, there are two shows currently on the air that immediately come to mind: Scandal and House of Cards. Scandal features a Republican administration, but shows almost nothing of his policy decisions. President Fitzgerald Grant (Tony Goldwyn) seems to have an infinite amount of time to devote to his […]


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