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  • All posts in Indiana Politics

    Joe Donnelly should act on his alleged beliefs

    If Joe Donnelly is “pro-life,” as he claims to be, why has he not signed on as a co-sponsor of S.1670, the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act? Donnelly has campaigned as a “pro-life” candidate and has cast some pro-life votes during his time in Washington. At the least, he should publicly pressure Senate Majority Leader […]

    Americans for Prosperity Is Thanking Indiana Legislators

    Yesterday Americans for Prosperity in Indiana launched an initiative thanking various members of the Indiana legislature for their efforts to stand up for economic freedom in the last legislative session. This effort gives website visitors who are represented by those legislators an opportunity to thank them for their work on their behalf. AFP State Director […]

    INDGOP Executive Director Stepping Down

    Hoosier Access has learned that Indiana Republican Party Executive Director, Kyle Robertson, will be stepping down in the near future. Beginning in December, Robertson will be joining Governor Rick Snyder’s political team as a Senior Advisor. Robertson was campaign manager and one of the chief architects for Governor Mike Pence’s victory a little over a […]

    Auditor of State Resigns

    As it was first reported by our friends over at IndyPolitics.org, Dwayne Sawyer has officially tendered his resignation as Auditor of State to Governor Mike Pence. In a statement released by Governor Pence’s office, a copy of Mr. Sawyer’s letter of resignation was included. It is reprinted, below, in its entirety. VIA HAND DELIVERY The Honorable […]

    Let the voters decide on marriage amendment

    Opponents of House Joint Resolution 6 are touting polls that show a majority of Hoosiers are opposed to amending the state constitution to legally define marriage as a union of one man and one woman. If they are confident in the defeat of the amendment next November, what is the harm of putting it before […]

    The Glenda Ritz Meltdown…

    You know that we have been talking about how Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz has basically gone into full meltdown. Ranging anywhere from suing the State Board of Education (which includes herself) to ending board meetings without a vote for adjournment from her board. She has quite simply gone around the bend. Seriously…she sued […]

    A Broken Record in More Ways Than One – Ritz Fails Hoosier Students

    I have to apologize to our readers. I’m apologizing because I’m certain the last thing they want to read is another example of our state education establishment failing students again. I’m certainly tired of writing about it. Unfortunately for State Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz there is no way the press can ignore her […]

    Indiana Political Campaigns Need to Emerge from ‘The Cave’

    People probably are tired of me writing about Patrick Ruffini but for my money he’s one of the smartest conservative strategists out there. In the aftermath of the Virginia and New Jersey gubernatorial elections Ruffini wrote a piece for The Federalist discussing how political campaigns have improved, and more importantly how they haven’t, after the […]

    Tell Indiana Education Establishment to Move On

    We have provided a good deal of coverage about the various activities of Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz. In particular, few reporters seemed interested in the fact that her staff serving up stories to statehouse reporters while lying to Hoosiers about public documents. Recently, Supt. Ritz took the ridiculous action of suing the Indiana […]

    Connie Lawson Visits Allen County Republicans

    Secretary of State Connie Lawson visited the Downtown GOP Club earlier this week to share information about her work and take questions from the Republican activists who gathered to hear from her. Lawson indicated that her passion for the work of the office comes from earlier in her political career when she served as a […]


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