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    So Long, and Thanks for all the Clicks!

    This message is long overdue, but I didn’t want to leave without saying goodbye. As faithful readers of the blog know, I took over day to day responsibilities for managing Hoosier Access about a year and a half ago. I came into the task with a board who was excited to keep alive the concept […]

    We Always Tell You What We Think, Now Tell Us What You Think!

    As we turn the corner and enter 2014, our team at Hoosier Access would like to know more about how you use our website and what you’d like to see from us over the coming year. We’ve been writing about the importance of data and while we do have basic analytics from the website, it […]

    Intelligence Community Information Overdrive – Open Item

    The press offices at the agencies that make up the intelligence community are likely working harder than ever in response to the ever-changing information about the scope of the government’s domestic surveillance. Last night alone the Director of National Intelligence posted two separate statements late in the evening and there is rampant speculation this story […]

    Hoosier Access in the news – National Review covers Pence Tax Cut

    Hoosier Access is not afraid to toot our own horn, particularly when one of our own is quoted in a national media story! Our Editor Emeritus, Josh Gillespie, was quoted in a piece by Katrinka Trinko in National Review’s coverage of Gov. Mike Pence’s tax cut proposal. You can read Josh’s take on the Pence […]

    Where Do We Go From Here?

    With apologies to Saturday Night Live’s Collin Quinn, have you ever gone to bar where you have a favorite bartender? You come back every night because you’ve come know this guy, he knows how to mix the drinks you like and you feel really comfortable around him. Then all of a sudden you stop by […]

    I Don’t Mean to be Rude but I Gotta Keep Moving

    Please forgive me I don’t mean to be rude but I gotta keep moving I sure wish I could stay but I gotta keep doing What I’ve been called to do And don’t forget me Long after I’m gone and I’m just a memory I hope you can recall what I was saying Was nothing […]

    Hoosier Access Gets “Tweet Seat” to State of the State

    For the past few years Hoosier Access has live blogged and live tweeted the State of the State address.  Tonight, however, our experience for Mike Pence’s very first State of the State address will bring that experience straight from the floor of the Indiana State House in our “Tweet Seats”. I will be joining Gerry […]

    The 2012 Hoosier Access Top 25 Under 25 in Indiana Politics

    After sifting through countless resumes and submissions, Hoosier Access is proud to present the second annual “Top 25 Under 25 in Indiana Politics”!  These hard working young men and women represent some of the best of the best in young political talent in Indiana.  Candidates were ranked algorithmically in order of 4 equal categories including: […]

    The Hoosier Access Top 25 Under 25 Returns!

    *The Deadline has passed.  The final list will be announced Sunday, August 5th at 6pm.* Hoosier Access is now accepting recommendations for its second annual “Top 25 Hoosier Politicos Under 25,” a list of the most powerful rising stars in Indiana Republican politics.  The top 25 will be ranked in order of both promise and […]

    Hoosier Access 3.0 Coming Tomorrow!

    Over the years, Hoosier Access has gone through a couple of site redesigns and what we hoped were improvements.  Some of those changes have worked and some haven’t.  But if all goes according to plan the latest iteration of Hoosier Access will go live tomorrow!  It’s something that’s been in the works off and on […]


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