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    Dan Coats, Ukraine and vacationing in Siberia

    When Russia announced a list of Americans who would be sanctioned by the Putin regime in response to American and European Union sanctions, Senator Dan Coats posted a humorous response on his official Facebook page about canceling his vacation in Siberia. He followed it up with a top ten list the next day. Yesterday, the […]

    State of the Union: Long on Words, Short on New Ideas

    Last night a few intrepid souls charged forward and watched the State of the Union broadcast. We joined them and the most pithy analysis of the event was the same speech from previous years with a little different window dressing. As expected President Obama threatened on many occasions to wield his pen to implement executive […]

    Watch the State of the Union with Hoosier Access!

    Many of our readers have been sharing with us that they’re in no mood to watch or listen to the State of the Union this evening. To quote one of our editors, “We’re political geeks, we’re going to watch it anyway!” If you’d like to join us this evening, please do so… we’ll be using […]

    Mandatory minimums are not outdated

    One of the unfortunate policies implemented in the “War on Crime” over the last few decades is the mandatory minimum sentence. This has dramatically driven up costs and put people behind bars for decades who really did not need to be there. We have seen some sanity with reducing the minimums for crack cocaine, but […]

    20 signs you’ve gulped the DC kool aid

    In the wake of the newest betrayal by GOP leadership in DC, Jennifer Rubin has an exasperatingly insulting article out (I refuse to link to it) about the 20 signs we small government folks have ‘drunk the kool aid.’ Many of us conservatives, however, are no stranger to her sad exploits though, as she appeals […]

    Defunding ObamaCare and tilting at windmills

    Recognizing that you will never win a battle you refuse to fight, Republicans in Congress should never have entered the shutdown battle they are in right now. We were never going to win this fight. It is important to stand on principle, and that is what the conservatives in the House were elected to do. […]

    Avoid Raising Taxes Amid Shutdown Negotiations

    Well, the rumors are flying here Friday that the Republicans and Democrats are in furious negotiation for an end to the shutdown. In one respect this is a positive development because they’re actually all talking to each other and that’s what our representatives are supposed to be doing. Unfortunately it seems like the Republicans are […]

    Shutdown: Pence provides valuable leadership

    Since Barack Obama shut down the federal government over his refusal to negotiate even over the implementation of ObamaCare, a number of people have been hurt or inconvenienced by this shutdown. That is not the case in the state of Indiana, because of the prudent leadership of Governor Mike Pence, the Republican legislature and the […]

    Random thoughts of the day: HA open item

    Feel free to comment on one of the topics below or any other story in the news. ♣ – We have seen a number of stories about how difficult it is to live on food stamps, but the very name of the program (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) indicates that food stamps are meant to be […]

    Karl Rove: Genius or Utter Failure?

    Some sobering thoughts on the impact Karl Rove has had on the conservative movement from Doug Ross @ Journal. Ross ties Rove’s recent track record along with the positioning on the fight over ObamaCare. Indiana’s Republican delegation received a nice profile by David Lawder of Reuters yesterday in the wake of the vote to defund […]


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