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  • All posts in 2012 Election

    Mitt: Loser For Life?

    Friday night, Mitt Romney visited Late Night and Jimmy Fallon voiced the question that I was thinking: “You’re so loose and funny during this [MITT]. Where was this guy during the election?” It turns out that Mitt Romney is like a lot of Americans. He is firm in his faith, devoted to his family, and […]

    Right Wing Purity Tests Elect Democrats

    The major uproar of late has been concerning the shutdown of the government over the budget, debt limit, and mostly… the individual mandate in Obamacare. Fists have been flying from all sides; Democrats blaming Republicans, Republicans blaming Democrats and worst of all, Republicans blaming Republicans. As I sat back and watched the drama unfold over […]

    Stop whining about the 2012 election!

    Last week, a Republican candidate who lost in November sent out a rather bitter e-mail to supporters complaining about the “liberal media” which he says contributed to his defeat. This is not meant to pick on this candidate (which is why I did not name him) but to illustrate a problem Republicans have and need […]

    Abolish the Electoral College

    Steve Chapman had a thought provoking column on November 15 at Reason, and he makes a good point – it is time to scrap the Electoral College. It’s an anachronism and it has gotten to the point that it is anti-democratic. This particular election underscored the absurdity of the system. We have a national election […]

    Winning the black and Hispanic vote

    Republicans can win the Hispanic vote. There is no reason to cede Hispanics to the Democrats, but we are going to have to deal with reality to win those votes. Republicans need to get off this anti-immigrant kick. Hispanics are hard working, socially conservative voters – natural Republicans. We need to realize that if not […]

    Luck is where PREPARATION meets Opportunity

    No, this isn’t going to be a post about the Indianapolis Colts Quarterback… I wanted to share some insights from the last Presidential election. Mitch Harper shared a blog post by Preston Gralla where he’s commenting on a post about Project ORCA by John Ekdahl on the Ace of Spades blog. As Ekdahl notes: “Project […]

    Richard Mourdock – Why He Lost

    I want to start by thanking Richard Mourdock for his courage.  Not only did he choose to run for office, but he chose to take on an Indiana institution, Dick Lugar, in the primary.  I was a vocal supporter of Mourdock early on because I believed his heart was in the right place and that […]

    2012 election wrap up

    The re-election of Barack Obama is obviously a big disappointment and there are ominous signs about the future, especially as it relates to religious freedom. We’re moving toward being more of a welfare state, with annual budget deficits of well over $1 trillion for the foreseeable future. We cannot afford to continue on this path. […]

    Clinton admits lack of enthusiasm for Obama

    “I may be the only person in America, but I am far more enthusiastic about President Barack Obama this time.” — Ex-President Clinton, quoted by sfgate.com, 11/2/2012 This is a very strange statement to make. Clinton is one of Obama’s most high profile allies in this race, and he’s admitting that there is significantly less […]

    Obama tells people they may not smoke in their own home

    We have gotten used to the idea that you cannot smoke in “public places,” but now the government has taken it a step farther: You may not smoke in your own home. This is thanks to a new push from the Obama regime. People living in subsidized housing in Fort Wayne have to agree not […]


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