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    West Virginia Sheriff, Clerk Snared in Vote Fraud Investigation

    A Lincoln County, West Virginia Sheriff and Clerk are to plead guilty to charges of vote fraud in the 2010 Democrat primary after the pair were arrested during an election fraud investigation conducted by state and federal authorities. Sheriff Jerry Bowman and Clerk Donald Whitten were caught in a scheme to file fraudulent absentee ballots […]

    “Absent” Ind. Democrats Fight Right-to-Work by Walking around State Capitol

    Note: The following was produced by Media Trackers, a conservative state-based investigative watchdog that holds liberals in government, politics, and the media accountable.  By: Brian Sikma Indiana unions have been very good to Indiana Democrats. Minority Leader Pat Bauer netted over $76,200 in contributions from union PACs in his 2010 re-election campaign. Just one SEIU-affiliated PAC […]

    Why not exempt everyone from the smoking ban?

    A December 4 editorial in the Journal Gazette asks whether a limited statewide smoking ban is acceptable or whether legislators should push for a much more comprehensive ban. But while legislators haggle over who should be exempted, the obvious question lingers: Why not just exempt everyone? The fundamental question is not whether this or that […]

    Marshallgate: Democrat Absentee Guru Indicted on 60+ Counts for Vote Fraud

    This past Friday, Democrat absentee ballot and get-out-the-vote “consultant” Mike Marshall of North Vernon was indicted by a Jennings County grand jury on forty-five felony counts related to vote fraud (twelve Class D felony counts of forgery, thirteen Class D felony counts of perjury and twenty Class D felony counts of vote fraud to be […]

    Obama: Debt Ceiling Standing in the Way of More Spending, GOP in Way of What He Wants

    About a week ago, I had a conversation with a particularly partisan and obnoxious liberal Democrat, who informed me that Republicans would soon pay a big political price for being so obstructionist in Congress. They needed, he explained, to do more to get the country moving by working with Obama. Because, apparently, people voted for […]

    Desperately Seeking Leadership

    We’ve got trouble, right here in the capital city! I’m not trying to scare you – some of my thoughts here are going to sound like an anti-government extremist, which I’m not. I’m not trying to beat up on any particular politician – though I am sure folks will project my thoughts on their Congressman […]

    Early Entrance Sign of Smart Strategy

    On March 22nd, less than four and a half months after narrowly losing a vigorous battle to unseat Rep. Joe Donnelly (D), Jackie Walorski announced that she is going to make another run for Congress. While certainly an early announcement, it does not come too early in the 2012 cycle, or too soon after the […]

    Mr. Bauer: Hoosiers Gave a Mandate

    On the opening day of the new legislative session last week, Minority Leader and former Speaker Pat Bauer (D-South Bend) worked overtime using obscure rules to obstruct the normal flow of legislative business. Bauer, in explaining why he did what he did, seems to have been unable to conceal the overtly political nature of the […]

    Baron Hill is still a hypocrite

    Back in October, I pointed out that Baron Hill was a complete hypocrite when he was whining and crying that there is “too much money in politics.” After all, this is the same man who took $2.15 million in donations in 2008, compared to $1 million for his opponent. It gets better. According to the […]

    2008 to 2010: Was Obama-mania ever real?

    Two years ago, people were talking about a generational shift in US politics with the election of Barack Obama and Democratic supermajorities in both houses of Congress. I never bought the idea that this represented some sort of huge change in the electorate, and the 2010 election proved me right. Allow me to share some […]


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