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    Dan Coats, Ukraine and vacationing in Siberia

    When Russia announced a list of Americans who would be sanctioned by the Putin regime in response to American and European Union sanctions, Senator Dan Coats posted a humorous response on his official Facebook page about canceling his vacation in Siberia. He followed it up with a top ten list the next day. Yesterday, the […]

    Open item: Supervising teens and local government

    According to federal prosecutors, a concrete company sent fraudulent invoices to Bloomington city government, which were approved by a city employee. (Link requires a subscription.) The fraudulent invoices, paid between May 13, 2011 and February 14, 2014, amounted to over $800,000, and the city employee allegedly took a kickback. The big question here is how […]

    Sacrificing free speech to avoid hurt feelings

    The “ban bossy” campaign is absurd on its face, but what is more worrying is the increasing trend to suppress speech in the name of protecting someone’s fragile feelings. Are Americans really so willing to take word after word out of our vocabulary because of the alleged harm it does to people and groups? How […]

    A ballot requirement that is clearly and plainly illegal

    On February 21, the Democratic majority on the Monroe County Election Board voted to remove the Republican candidate for county assessor from the May primary ballot. This is based on the requirement that he must have attained a Level 3 certification as an assessor. Here is the problem: The ballot requirement itself is clearly and […]

    CDBG grants and the Tenth Amendment

    Why are the taxpayers of the other 49 states subsidizing local government and private charities in Bloomington, Indiana? If local government is going to be distributing money, shouldn’t it be from the local tax base? Last night, the Bloomington City Council voted to distribute a pot of money from the federal government to various social […]

    House Bill 1351 needs to be defeated

    Note: This article reflects only the position of HA Writers’ Guild member Scott Tibbs. When I first saw the summary for House Bill 1351, I wondered if Michelle Obama had somehow taken control of the Republican caucus in the Indiana House of Representatives. Fortunately, that is not the case, but this is certainly something that […]

    Let’s be real about the marriage amendment

    In addition to the debate over whether Indiana’s state constitution should be amended to recognize homosexual marriage, the amendment’s opponents argue that the amendment would make it illegal for private business to grant domestic partner benefits to homosexuals or to unmarried heterosexual employees. The first thing to do, as always, is to look at the […]

    If only we had a do-nothing bureaucracy

    For all of the talk of a “do nothing” Congress in 2013, the federal bureaucracy has certainly been busy. Senator Mike Lee illustrated how government continues to grow in power and influence with one compelling photograph on his Facebook page. The caption is as follows: Behold my display of the 2013 Federal Register. It contains […]

    Second Amendment rights: HB 1018 needs a hearing

    Indiana is more conservative than most states, and Second Amendment rights are strongly supported here. It makes sense, then that the state legislature would be considering legislation to prohibit state agencies from banning the “possession or transportation of firearms, ammunition, or firearm accessories” on public land, including public universities. That is what House Bill 1018 […]

    Mandatory minimums are not outdated

    One of the unfortunate policies implemented in the “War on Crime” over the last few decades is the mandatory minimum sentence. This has dramatically driven up costs and put people behind bars for decades who really did not need to be there. We have seen some sanity with reducing the minimums for crack cocaine, but […]


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