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    We Deserve a Commonsense Energy Policy…Now

    Once again, President Obama’s single-minded targeting of the U.S. oil and natural gas industry has resulted in a call to end legitimate tax incentives that favor these businesses and allow them to compete against overseas producers. Once again, Congress will likely muster the necessary votes to defeat such a proposal. And once again, we’re reminded […]

    Obama’s Phantom Tax ‘Loopholes’

    President Obama is scheduled to do interviews with TV anchors in eight cities this week in a desperate effort to blame Republicans for looming sequester cuts. “The president will have an opportunity to focus on the harmful local impacts that will be felt if congressional Republicans refuse to compromise,” a White House official told Reuters. […]

    Higher Taxes for Small Business Are Not Acceptable

    We’ve written numerous times before about the harmful effects that new energy taxes would have on Hoosier businesses. Karen Kerrigan, president & CEO of the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council, wrote a great article on this topic which recently appeared in Roll Call: Strong U.S. economic growth is achieved through robust investment. A thriving and […]

    365 National and State-Based Groups Sign on to Preserve the Medicare Part D Program

    This week, a growing list of national and state-based organizations sent a letter to Congress asking them to preserve the Medicare Part D program. The Patriots’ Project adds its support to this initiative because we must continue to support free markets and competition in the healthcare sector: Dear Congressman/Senator: Legitimate concerns over an exploding federal […]

    Free Markets and Competition Help Control Healthcare Costs

    We have written before about one of the success stories in our healthcare system: Medicare Part D. Medicare Part D works because competition and free markets work to keep prices down. Paul Howard, Director of the Manhattan Institute’s Center for Medical Progress, writes in MedicalProcessToday.com: The President is always talking about the need to invest […]

    Doing Tax Reform Right Precludes Singling Out Energy for Tax Increases

    There’s something mesmerizing about watching Wile E Coyote heading for a cliff – we see it, he doesn’t. You only need hear the sound clip and you know what is coming. Let’s hope Congress isn’t mesmerized by the approaching fiscal cliff and lulled into making some bad decisions that could leave our economy in something […]

    Medicare Part D: a Model for Healthcare Reform?

    Wait—there are some parts of our healthcare system that are “working”? Yes, just look at the Medicare Part D prescription drug program. Using a free-market approach, Medicare Part D premiums are currently half what they were expected to be at this point when the program was enacted in 2003: about $30 per month versus $60 […]

    How do we get out of this economic mess?

    The following is an OpEd by Ray Keating, chief economist for the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council. From the Richmond Times Dispatch: Where there is a challenge, there lies an opportunity. It’s no secret our economy has seen better days and has been submerged into a multitude of steep challenges — from unemployment to an […]

    A Small-Government Solution to a Big-Government Problem

    Here is a great OpEd by Al Cardenas, Chairman of the American Conservative Union, which appeared in the National Review: Democrats — the perennial defenders of Medicare as we know it — have turned Medicare upside down with the adoption of Obamacare. And now the alarm bells are ringing in our senior-citizen communities as a […]

    Americans for Prosperity Tells Joe Donnelly to Stop Wasteful Spending

    Americans for Prosperity – Indiana (AFP-IN) will begin a series of mailers encouraging Hoosiers to contact Congressman Joe Donnelly and pressure him to reject President Obama’s failing policies. The first mailer focuses on Donnelly’s support for President Obama’s failing government stimulus and wasteful spending. “Our country’s growing debt cannot be ignored any longer,” stated Chase […]


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