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    Uniting the Republican Party

    Part of the reason I’m a conservative instead of a liberal is because I think with more factions comes a more divisive society. The part of Edward Burke’s conservatism I subscribe to is maintaining solidarity in a society and keeping factions at a minimum. Some people take this too far and delve into personal characteristics […]

    Life Sciences Does Wonders for Indiana, Medical Device Tax Does Not

    I’ve learned it is really easy for public officials to highlight certain statistics on job reports and other work force reports and hide other statistics. Recently, I started paying more attention to how much of the population is underemployed and the type of jobs being created. If the number of jobs are increasing as a […]

    Emphasize Skill Development, Not Arbitrary Common Core Standards

    The reasons I’m not a fan of the federal Common Core Education Standards deserve space than I can devote to a single blog post. Senate Bill 91 is an attempt to undo Indiana’s adoption of the Common Core standards. Not all schools need the Federal Government to come in instruct their teachers and administrators on […]

    Senate Serves Indiana Farmers, Approves Industrial Hemp

    This past week the Senate passed SB 357 by a bipartisan vote of 49-0, for the planting and harvesting of industrial hemp. First, you can’t get high off of hemp like you can its cousin marijuana; it lacks the THC content of marijuana. It was wrongly lumped in the same group as marijuana in the […]

    Saving the Full-Time Work Week and Post-Secondary Options

    The impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on businesses in Indiana is well documented. Businesses are cutting hours for workers because of the ACA definition stating a full-time worker is one who works 30 hours a week or more. In turn, this cheapens the full-time work week and puts less disposable income in the […]

    Pence Right to Yield to Assembly

    Job creation is of most importance to Governor Pence and the Indiana General Assembly. One proposed method of making more capital available to business owners so they could invest in themselves and expand is to eliminate the business property tax. The only two states in the Midwest with a business property tax cut are Kentucky […]

    Grassroots Organization Helps Everyone

    Every victory is achieved in part because of the effective organization of people. No matter what the industry is, a common denominator of the most successful organizations is the efficient utilization of people and resources. For example, as long as I’ve paid attention to the NBA, the San Antonio Spurs have always been a playoff […]

    Reducing Drug Crime With an Eye on the Future

    One of the largest topics of debate outside the legislature in 2014 will be drug crime reform legislation House Enrolled Act 1006. Passed last session, HEA 1006, written by State Representative Greg Steuerwald (R-Avon), revamped Indiana’s Criminal Code and goes into effect the first day of July 2014. Provisions of the law may be delayed […]

    Pre-School Vouchers Carry Positive Outcomes

    I’m a conservative because I don’t believe central planning creates anything but stagnation in the long run and because the market serves as a remarkable teacher when utilized properly. However, there are times government intervention promotes more positive unintended consequences than negative unintended consequences. One example is creating a program to distribute pre-school vouchers. This […]


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