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    Profiling the Candidates for House District 84

    House District 84 is currently represented by State Representative Bob Morris (R-Fort Wayne). The district is located inside Allen County and encompasses primarily the northeast side of Fort Wayne. The district is reliably Republican. Current representative Morris came into office in 2010 when he won the caucus to replace Randy Borror who had resigned. This […]

    Signing Up for Obamacare is a Full-Time Job

    It would be an understatement to say the roll out of Obamacare has been a disaster.  All across the country people are losing the insurance plans they were promised they could keep.  The website healthcare.gov only seems to work when the wind is blowing properly, the sun is shining, and aluminum foil is properly placed […]

    Glenda Ritz Files Suit… Against Herself?

    Yesterday morning Glenda Ritz filed suit against the 10 members of the state board of education.  In the complaint she alleges that the members of the board violated the Open Door Law by drafting a letter to Senate President David Long and Speaker Brian Bosma.  That letter requested Long and Bosma appoint Indiana’s Legislative Services Agency […]


    We all have heard of Cronyism. Some of us may have experienced it first hand. Here at Right Online 2013 in humid Orlando there was a session that discussed this topic. There numerous ways to describe cronyism. Other names for it include nepotism, patronage, and pay to play. The best way to define cronyism is […]

    Americans For Prosperity Foundation – Friedman Legacy Day

    We are seeing the results of School Choice in Indiana.  Many parents are taking advantage of vouchers and enrolling their children into private schools.  This issue has stirred debate, but we are seeing positive results.  School Choice was an issue that Milton Friedman believed in passionately.  Yesterday, Americans For Prosperity Foundation celebrated Milton Friedman’s legacy […]

    Rep. Stutzman and AFP Want to Split the Bill

    Rarely does the farm bill get much attention. That changed when Indiana’s Third District Congressman Marlin Stutzman (R-Howe) introduced an amendment to the farm bill that would split the bill into two separate pieces of legislation. If separated, one bill would focus on programs that directly related to farmers and the other would address food-stamp […]

    Governor Pence – State of the State Address

    (This is a joint post by Hoosier Access contributors Matt Brinkman and Rob Burgess.  We want to thank the Governor’s staff for providing us access last night to an advance copy of the state of the state address and allowing us to live-tweet it from the Governor’s office.) As the kids say last night things […]

    The Mustache and His Umbrella

    John Gregg released a new ad called Rainy Day.  The ad features him holding an umbrella while his sons stand on the roof with a hose.  Throughout the ad he talks directly to the camera while the umbrella protects him from the water.  While the ad tries to take a down home approach, it is […]

    Fair Share – Romney and Obama Documents

    Every four years the nation’s collection attention focuses on the Presidential race.  There is exuberance and irrational behavior on both sides.  This year is no different.  There are numerous items being discussed and not all of them matter.  Our A.D.D. has allowed us to be distracted by the shiny things and the pretty lights.  It […]

    President Mitch Daniels…of Purdue University

    The rumors started earlier this week with unnamed sources from both sides saying that Mitch Daniels would be the next president of Purdue.  Yesterday the board of trustees made it official.  They unanimously voted to make Governor Daniels the 12th president of Purdue University.  Governor Daniels will finish his term as Governor of Indiana and […]


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