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  • About

    Hoosier Access is committed to the conservative ideals of limited government, economic policies that enable capital growth in our communities while encouraging fiscal restraint in the government sector, and the preservation of traditional moral values such as the sanctity of life and traditional marriage. Our dedication to these principles drives us as we seek to advance conservative policies and positions to our elected leaders all across Indiana as well as those who represent us in Washington, DC.

    Our primary contributors include:

    Josh Gillespie – Josh graduated from Purdue University in 2000 with a degree in Political Science and a minor in Law and Society. He has spent the last 10 years working in politics and government, from the Federal level all the way down to the county organization level. In August of 2007 he along with Greg Magnuson, Scott Fluhr, Jim Banks and Brian Sikma founded Hoosier Access and helped it become a leading voice for the conservative movement in Indiana on the internet.

    Since June of 2010, Josh has also hosted “Gillespie” which is a weekly political talk show which airs every Tuesday night at 9pm on FTRradio.com. He has interviewed Members of Congress, candidates, authors, national political commentators and key leaders in presidential administrations.

    Josh is an Indiana Leadership Forum alum, Class of 2008 and a graduate of the Hoosier Congressional Policy Leadership Series, Class of 2010. He also served on the Board of the Indiana Federation of Young Republicans first as as 5th District Chairman and then, after redistricting, as 6th District Co-Chair as well as Vice Chairman of the Hancock County Young Republicans.   Follow Josh on Twitter @joshgillespie

    Mark Warner – Mark Warner was first introduced to Hoosier Access back in the summer of 2007 and has been a part of the team ever since. Mark has been a key player in helping Hoosier Access get national attention and a following. He has attended several Freedom Works events as well as CPAC this past year and has had the site play a major role in both of these major events, including HA being a sponsor of the 9-12 rally. Mark has volunteered on many campaigns, as well as worked for Gridiron Communications in the Indy Bureau office. Mark is the 7th Congressional District Vice Chair for the Young Republicans of Indiana, Precinct Committeeman in Perry Township and Indiana State Delegate.  Follow Mark on Twitter @mwarner95

    Scott Fluhr – Bio to come  Follow Scott on Twitter @sfluhr

    Scott Tibbs – Scott is active in local politics, having worked for Monroe County Right to Life, the Monroe County Taxpayers Association and the local Republican Party as well as individual campaigns. When he was in college, he was an officer in the IU College Republicans, IU Students for Life and the Student Alliance for Responsible Research. He co-founded Hoosier Review in January of 1997 and was an opinion columnist for the Indiana Daily Student. He has had letters published in several newspapers, including the local Herald-Times, the Indianapolis Star, USA Today and the New York Times.

    Politically, he is a philosophical libertarian who identifies with the Republican Party. He believes the government that governs least governs best, that taxes are too high and must be lowered, and unless someone’s actions cause harm to someone else, government should generally allow people to do as they please. Follow Scott on Twitter @ConservaTibbs

    Craig Ladwig – Craig Ladwig is the founder of the Indiana Policy Review Foundation, Inc. The foundation, which began commissioning academic research in 1988 with $250, now is regularly quoted on state issues by such national publications as the Wall Street Journal and Forbes. Its essays and columns are cited weekly in one or more of the 20 Indiana daily newspapers that are members of its Indiana Writers Group. The foundation’s membership includes many of the major political figures and policy makers in Indiana. Its quarterly journal is considered among the most influential of its type in the nation.  Follow Craig on Twitter @INPolicy

    Derek Pillie – Derek Pillie has been involved with Hoosier politics in various roles for over a decade. His work includes almost 15 years working for the U.S. House of Representatives, with 10 of those in the northeast Indiana Congressional District.

    In addition to his work for members of the U.S. House of Representatives, Derek Pillie has been active in various roles in Hoosier politics at the local and state level, including work on voter identification efforts and managing campaigns for local candidates.

    Derek grew up outside of Philadelphia and is a life-long Eagles, Phillies and Flyers fan, as well as a huge fan of Joe Paterno and the Penn State Nittany Lions. A convert to the Catholic faith, he is very interested in the connection between Catholic social teaching and its application to public policy.

    Having called northeast Indiana home for the past 12 years, Derek lives in Fort Wayne with his wife Janay and his two children Emma and Nathan.  Follow Derek on Twitter @dpillie

    Matt Brinkman – Bio to come  Follow Matt on Twitter @chefbrink

    Rob Burgess – Rob is a converted Hoosier from the East Coast. Since moving to Indiana in 2007, Rob has served on several political campaigns in the midwest. He also, until recently, managed a restaurant of a national chain. This experience solidified his desire to work in the political realm.

    In his free time, Rob enjoys sports, spending time with friends, swing dancing and completing his goal of reading a biography on every President & Vice President of the United States.  Follow Rob on Twitter @rkburgess

    Derek Trovillion – Bio to come Follow Derek on Twitter @DerekTrovi

    Hostage Hoosier – Emily originally hails from Amish country in northern Indiana. She is a 2007 graduate of the University of Indianapolis with a degree in History. As a current resident of northern Virginia, she enjoys crashing left wing protests in DC to expose their extremism. She lives in Loudoun County with her husband and they are expecting their first child in early 2012.  Follow Emily on Twitter @HostageHoosier

    Brian Sikma – A native of Indiana, Brian Sikma has worked since 2004 to further the cause of conservative candidates and ideas throughout the Midwest. In 2006 he co-founded and led two different programs designed to increase the involvement of conservative young people in the political process in Indiana. While working for The Wabash Group, a conservative political consulting and public affairs firm in 2007, he served as the Communications Director to a mayoral campaign in the second largest media market in the state. During the 2008 election cycle he worked as the Communications Director for the Luke Puckett for Congress campaign and contributed his skills and knowledge to numerous state and local level candidates who were also running that year.

    As a grassroots lobbyist who has worked closely with pro-family leaders, groups and legislators in Indiana, he believes that if individuals will seize the opportunity that they have to be a part of self-government, the size of government will shrink, freedom will expand, and our country will once again be guided by the bedrock principles that are the secret to our greatness today.

    Currently, Brian is working to start an online strategy and public relations firm. He holds a degree in legal assistant studies from the Oak Brook College of Law.  Follow Brian on Twitter @BrianSikma

    Warner Todd Huston – Warner Todd has been a freelance writer since early 2001 and write for such outlets as Gig Government, Big Journalism, and the other Breitbart sites, as well as having appeared in Human Events, and Investors Business Daily. He’s also appeared on Rush Limbaugh and most of the other nationally syndicated talkers and also been on CNN and Fox Business Network. (Full bio HERE)  Follow Warner Todd Huston on Twitter @warnerthuston

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