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  • Friday Funny: Triskaidekaphobia – Democrat Style

    It’s hard to laugh about what’s going on in our country, but every once in a while someone does something that gives you a moment to pause, sit back and have a chuckle.

    Democrats either want to live in the past or can't read a calendar, because their email warning about Friday the 13th went out on the 20th.

    Of course, maybe Democrats have reason to be superstitious. They are going into an election year where their prospects aren’t all that great. After all, last time the Secretary of State’s office was at the top of the ballot (twelve years ago) they managed to lose control of the Indiana House of Representatives. They also saw former Congresswoman Jill Long “I grew up on a farm” Thompson try her luck in a different district and still get beat at the polls by current Club for Growth President Chris Chocola.

    Maybe they’re just frustrated because they want to be viewed as progressives but are so woefully behind the times. All of Indiana’s best reforms (read: progress) are happening without them. Maybe they’re worried that the Republican ticket will be them in all but 13 counties? Or maybe even less than that?

    Yeah, it’s a minor mistake, but you’d think a party that is trying to pretend they have a chance of winning a statewide contest in November would think to change the subject line of their email. It is really silly when you consider how date-specific the subject is. Of course, maybe their idea is to keep people afraid by morphing Friday the 13th into a “Groundhog Day” nightmare where we’re forced to repeat their tired mistakes over and over again.

    That said, a mistake is a mistake – but we are sure that if it had been our mistake they would have pounced all over it!

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