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  • Lt. Gov. Sue Ellspermann Addresses Allen County Republicans

    Lt. Gov. Sue Ellsperman speaks to Allen County Republicans in Fort WayneIf you missed our little live-tweet session earlier today, Lieutenant Governor Sue Ellspermann was in Fort Wayne this morning for Allen County Republican Party Chairman Steve Shine’s monthly breakfast series. She has been attending a series of meetings with the air guard base and addressing conferences in the area and will be addressing graduates at Huntington University later today.

    She spoke often and proudly of the military tradition in Indiana, very appropriately on Armed Forces Day. Based on her meetings Lt. Gov. Ellspermann believes that the strong record of Fort Wayne’s Air Guard wing will ensure it’s continued existence, if not with the same equipment they are using today. She also shared that the Fort Wayne wing has the best safety record in the nation.

    Lt. Gov. Ellspermann also expressed her support for the State Board of Education’s efforts to push for more transparency. You may have read our piece from earlier this week about the board’ efforts to improve communication about how the Indiana Department of Education complies with the requirements of the federal waiver from No Child Left Behind standards.

    Prior to her introduction, City Councilman John Crawford (R-At Large) spoke briefly about the city council’s efforts to debate and potentially end collective bargaining for public employees in Fort Wayne. Lt. Gov. Ellspermann expressed her support for Fort Wayne’s efforts and shared that collective bargaining, “isn’t even an issue,” in discussions with state employees. Councilman Crawford indicated in his remarks that he expects out of state activists to be at the city council meeting on Tuesday when they debate this issue.

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