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  • Ritz Ducks Accountability, Indiana Students Potentially Suffer

    My frustrations with the lack of accountability from Glenda Ritz, our Superintendent of Public Instruction, is pretty well documented. A new chapter in this saga opened up a few days ago when the State Board of Education discovered that Supt. Ritz had been notified by the federal government that additional conditions were going to be applied to our waiver from the No Child Left Behind regulations due to concerns that arose from a visit last year.

    In spite of efforts to improve interaction between the the state board of education and Supt. Ritz and her department, it is clear that she’s mistaken their efforts to work with her as a free pass to continue her failures as an administrator. While her allies point to partisanship as an excuse for the criticism, there is absolutely no reason to keep the state board in the dark over these issues unless Supt. Ritz is playing her own political game.

    Niki Kelly does an excellent job constructing the timeline of events and covering the resulting fireworks at Tuesday’s special State Board of Education meeting yesterday in today’s Fort Wayne Journal Gazette. If you want to process the events as they happened, I put together a Storify summary of the two days of meetings as it was reported via Twitter.

    This post was tagged under: Education, Glenda Ritz, Indiana Politics, Indiana Schools

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