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    Congresswoman Brooks wants FAIR Treatment of Hoosiers

    Today’s Hoosier Highlight comes to us from Congresswoman Susan Brooks (R-Carmel). She took to the House floor to share her support for the FAIR Act. This bill, which is supported by the Republican Study Committee, would require a delay in the individual mandate every time the mandate on businesses is delayed under the Affordable Care Act. Watch Rep. Brooks’ remarks by visiting our home page and playing the video on the top-right side of the page.

    Yesterday contributor Nate Hummel made it two days in a row. His latest post featured his thoughts on the sources of division within the Republican Party. Be sure to read his piece and share your thoughts in the comments.

    Apologies for brevity as I am still on the road. Be sure to check out YouTube… there were a number of videos to choose from for our Hoosier Highlight this week!

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