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  • OPEN ITEM: Protecting Our Veterans

    Good morning. Today is the 25th of February and this is your Open Item.

    According to an initial report released this past weekend, The Department of Veterans’ Affairs could have millions of records vulnerable to attack. The report, which was completed by the VA’s Office of Information Technology & Risk Management, found that the VA was “non-compliant with its own privacy and security policies as well as federal law and regulations.” The report went on to say that this internal department believed that it was “practically unavoidable” in regards to a breach of private data for millions of veterans (including financial, medical and personal information) in the next 12 to 18 months. You can read the Military.com article here for more information about this report.

    A Fort Wayne man was awarded The Purple Heart over the weekend by Indiana National Guard Chief of Staff, Brig. General John P. McGoff. The recipient of this high military honor was Michael Frese of the 122 Fighter Wing of the Indiana Air National Guard. Frese, who was a captain at the time of the incident, is a military chaplain. Base Commander, Colonel David L. Augustine, said the following in regards to Frese’s action, “Too often we forget these non-combatants . . . who are out there, putting their life on the line.” Augustine continued on, referencing the rarity of Frese’s award, saying that Frese “didn’t take a weapon out on the battlefield. He took a bible.” A retired military chaplain advised that in the decade since military action began in Afghanistan and Iraq, only 2 military chaplains had died in the line of duty while roughly a little more than 6 had been injured.

    Frese Purple HeartHere at Hoosier Access, we want to take a moment to thank Major Michael Frese for his service and sacrifice to our great nation. If it were not for the sacrifices that men and women like Frese make on a daily basis . . . we would not have the opportunity to enjoy freedoms such the Right of Free Speech.

    Finally, thank you to all the men and woman who serve in the Indiana National Guard and Air National Guard. You honor us with your dedication not only to the United States of America but also to this wonderful state that we call home . . . Indiana Governor Pence is right when he says “Hoosiers are the best people on earth.”

    As always, if there is something we missed or even simple something you want to share with us . . . please put it in the comment section below. We read all the comments and we value your input. Without dedicated readers, like yourself, we would not be able to continue doing what we do. If you haven’t already, consider signing up for our daily digest or even making a small donation to help offset our operating costs. Thank you for your continued loyalty as well as your generosity.

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