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  • OPEN ITEM – Gov. Pence in DC for Governors Associations Meetings

    Hoosier Access Open Item looks at coverage of Gov. Mike Pence's meetings with the governors' associations in Washington, D.C.Governor Mike Pence was in Washington, D.C. over the weekend attending the Republican Governors Association and National Governors Association meetings and had the opportunity to hit a number of cable news programs while we was out there. One appearance he made that doesn’t necessarily have the same ratings as some of the cable news outlets but is worth watching is his appearance on Seib and Company on WSJ Live where Gov. Pence discusses the economic health of state governments and how he thinks states should prioritize spending. You can watch the full interview below:

    YouTube Preview Image

    Gov. Pence also appeared on CNN’s State of the Union where he was asked what question he would have for President Barack Obama should he have the opportunity at the NGA meeting today:

    Well, I think the basic message is more freedom and more flexibility, Mr. President, whether it’d be in the area of health care, whether it’d be in transportation or in education. I truly believe that the cure for what ails this country will come more from our nation’s state capitals than it ever will from our nation’s capital. You know, I served out here for a dozen years.

    I understand Washington and I see the gridlock and we’ve seen it before. But in the little more than 12 months, I’ve served as a governor. I’m absolutely convinced that empowering our states to innovate and reform – Indiana’s economy is on the move right now. 42,000 new private sector jobs in the last year. We’re now the lowest unemployment rate in the Midwest. It’s because in Indiana, we’ve been advancing balanced budgets, right to work, we’ve been cutting taxes, we’ve been promoting education reform. Let’s let our states innovate and this economy will come roaring back.

    You can read the full transcript of the State of the Union interview with Gov. Pence as well as Governors Rick Perry (R-Tex.), Dan Malloy (D-Conn.), and Jay Nixon (D-Mo.) here.

    In other national news, the Indianapolis Star takes a look at Congressional Quarterly Roll Call’s Congressional Votes Index and determines for the most part that both Republican and Democrat members of the Indiana delegation vote along party lines almost every time. Maureen Groppe highlights each members’ vote rating and identifies the most significant vote where the member voted against party lines.

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    3 responses to “OPEN ITEM – Gov. Pence in DC for Governors Associations Meetings”

    1. [url=http://www.okakaku.com/Super-Copy-514.html]財布のコピー 時間を発表しますとても長くてとても長い前、人類はすべて更に赤く双足は歩いています。1人の国王はある辺鄙で遠い田舎の旅行に着いて、路面がでこぼこなため、とても多くてばらばらな石があって、刺すのは彼の足を得ます痛くてしびれます。王宮に帰った後に、彼はおりていっしょに命令して、国内のすべての道はすべて一層のほらに敷きます。彼はこのようにすると思って、自分になって、また彼の人民に幸福をもたらすことができて、みんなを歩かせます時もう受けて痛い苦しみを刺しません。たとえしかし最も国内のすべての牛を殺しますとしても、十分な皮革をも調達しきれないで、費やした金銭、使用する人力、更にはかりしれません。まったくできないが、甚だしきに至ってはまたかなり愚かで、しかし国王の命令なため、みんなも頭を振ってため息をつくことしかできません。1人の聡明な召使いは大胆に国王に提案を出しています:「国王!どうしてあなたは大勢の人を動員して、そんなに多い牛に命を捧げて、そんなに多い金銭を費やしますか?あなたは何は両の小さいほらであなたの足をしっかり包むだけではありませんか?」国王が聞いたのはとても驚いて、しかしもすぐ悟って、そこですぐに命令を取り消して、この提案を新たに採用します。聞くところによると、これは「革靴」の由来です。世界を変えたくて、難しいです;自分を変えて、比較的容易です。全世界を変えるよりも、先に自分の–「自分の双足を包みます」を変えるほうがいいです。自分のいくつかの観念と方法を変えて、外来の侵略を防ぎ止めますで。自分で変えた後に、目の中の世界の自然はすぐ引き続き変えました。[/url]

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