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  • OPEN ITEM: Sen. Delph News May Overshadow Final HJR 3 Vote

    Hoosier Access Open Item covers Sen. Mike Delph's big announcement and final passage of HJR 3I mentioned in last Friday’s Open Item that State Senator Mike Delph (R-Carmel) had taken to Twitter to share his thoughts ont he debate surrounding the marriage amendment. Well, Sen. Delph decided that he wasn’t done and continued his remarks, responses and retweets that morning, culminating with his statement that he’ll be making an announcement today regarding his future plans. As we shared via the Hoosier Access Facebook and Twitter accounts – Jim Shella of WISH-TV speculated that Sen. Delph plans to challenge Senate President Pro Tempore David Long (R-Fort Wayne) for leadership of the Senate Republican caucus. Since then Abdul-Hakim Shabazz reported in his Cheat Sheet that he’s confirmed this will not be his announcement.

    Mum has been the word from Sen. Delph until his press conference later today, but his recent activity has generated some new “friends” in the world of social media who have their own thoughts on what his news later today might be. I found some of them and put them in to a Storify:

    While this news is more than likely an outgrowth of Sen. Delph’s Tweets about HJR 3, it has somewhat managed to deflect attention from the final vote on the legislation which is scheduled for later today. Freedom Indiana has already taken a victory lap because the second sentence of the original language, which was eliminated by the House of Representatives, was not offered to be added back to the legislation. That said, the legislation is widely expected to pass – which will delay taking the issue to voters until it can be passed by the next session of the General Assembly.

    In the meantime Americans for Prosperity continues to advocate for action on Governor Mike Pence’s proposal to eliminate the Business Personal Property Tax. There has been a great deal of opposition from many in local government to this idea, mainly because the method to replace the funds local governments receive from this tax has not been identified. Gov. Pence and the legislative leadership made it clear they’re not looking to eliminate a source of revenue but replace it with an alternative. The business personal property tax itself is identified as a factor that puts Indiana at a competitive disadvantage when compared with neighboring states.

    This post was tagged under: Indiana Politics, Mike Delph, SJR7/Marriage Amendment

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