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  • Pence Releases Statement on Business Personal Property Tax

    Governor Mike Pence met with mayors from across the state today regarding the Business Personal Property Tax. You might recall that Governor Pence seeks to phase this tax out from Indiana’s tax code as quickly as possible. The Business Personal Property Tax was mentioned in his State of the State address, the State Director of Americans for Prosperity-IN shared his thoughts on the issue, and our very own Nate Hummel covered it as well.

    Many of our neighboring states have recognized the importance of repealing similar taxes and Indiana should not be left behind. Hoosiers are proud to be leaders in the Midwest when it comes to job creation, repealing this tax will ensure that Indiana remains the most attractive place to do business. As the billboards in New York said . . .

    If you can make it there,
    You can make a lot more of it here!
    Indiana – A State That Works!

    Governor Pence’s Statement is below in its entirety.

    February 11, 2014

    Governor Pence Meets with Mayors on Business Personal Property Tax Reform
    Says, “Open to Full State Replacement Revenue for Senate Bill 1”

    Indianapolis – Governor Mike Pence shared the following statement in a meeting this afternoon with mayors from across the state.

    “I believe that reform of the business personal property tax will mean jobs for Hoosiers.

    “After listening to local communities across our state, I have informed legislative leaders that I am open to full state replacement revenue for local governments to cover the cost of eliminating the business personal property tax on small businesses with less than $25,000 in equipment, as proposed in Senate Bill 1. This would ensure that any reform of this tax does not unduly burden local governments or shift the cost of this tax onto hardworking Hoosiers.

    “This reform, along with affording counties the option of ending the tax on new equipment as proposed in House Bill 1001, would make our communities and our state more attractive for the kind of investment that will create jobs for Hoosiers. In the end, Hoosiers and our local communities will benefit as business grow and companies bring new jobs to our state.

    “I look forward to working together House and Senate leaders, as well as local officials, as we continue to advance these important reforms.”


    This post was tagged under: Indiana Politics

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