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  • OPEN ITEM: Bill Nye Debates Evolution vs. Creationism

    Good morning! Today is the 6th of February and this is your Open Item.

    The Indianapolis Star had an interesting article that referenced a report stating that the coal mines located in the Hoosier State contain untapped water resources.

    ISTEP and academic standards are next on the agenda for the State Board of Education. Most recently in the news for the barbs traded in the public space between its members and its chairwoman, the State Board of Education will also consider adopting new procedures and operating guidelines. This comes after Governor Mike Pence encouraged the Board to work with a mediator to sort out their differences.

    Many people remember Bill Nye the Science Guy and social media has been abuzz with a debate that he had at The Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky this week. The debate covered evolution versus creationism. While this is still a highly debated topic among academia and theological bodies, it was the first time that the debate had occurred in a national spotlight like this in as long as I can remember. If you have a free 2 hour block (or even just want to play it in the background) here is the debate itself.

    As always, if we missed something or you just want to add something . . . put it in the comment section below!

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