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  • OPEN ITEM – Propane Emergency and Candidate Filings

    Rep. Jackie Walorski takes the lead on addressing the propane emergency in IndianaA big story that impacts many Hoosiers and other families across the Midwest is the current shortage of propane. While it isn’t as big an issue in urban areas, there are a number of people who depend on propane to heat their homes. As the record cold weather has rocked this region of the country it has created a propane emergency and demand from consumers is at an all-time high.

    Congresswoman Jackie Walorski (R-Elkhart) has been leading efforts of the Indiana delegation to alleviate the problems being posed by this shortage. She addressed the House of Representatives on this issue earlier this week and video of Rep. Walorski’s speech is now the Hoosier Highlight which you can view at the top of our homepage. In addition to the delegation letter she references in her speech, Rep. Walorski and the Hoosier delegation has been working with Governor Mike Pence to address the issue at the state level. This week Gov. Pence declared an “energy emergency in Indiana” according to Gary Truitt of Hoosier Ag Today and took steps at the state level to make it easier for suppliers to deliver propane to Indiana.

    In other news, it’s been still a relatively quiet week on the candidate filings front, though I would expect that next week will be significantly busier. I still find it remarkable that not a single Democrat candidate for the state legislature has a primary opponent. By contrast the Republican field is starting to fill up. House Elections Committee Chairman Milo Smith (R-Columbus) picked up an opponent this week. Chairman Smith made the news during the HJR 3 debate when Speaker Brian Bosma (R-Indianapolis) moved the legislation to his committee so that it would have an opportunity to be considered on the House floor.

    Representative Casey Cox (R-Fort Wayne), who had the distinction of serving on both the Judiciary and Elections Committees, officially filed for reelection this week as well. Rep. Cox expressly advocated for an amendment to HJR 3 that would strike the second sentence of the original language before he would vote for it on the House floor. As we’ve reported earlier he already has two primary opponents in HD 85, both of whom ran against him in the caucus to fill the seat at the end of last year. There are also rumors that Representative Dan Leonard (R-Huntington) will have a primary opponent in HD 50, perhaps as a consequence of his vote to strike the second sentence from HJR 3. You can read the entire list of candidate filings on the Secretary of State’s website.

    Earlier today Writers’ Guild member Scott Tibbs posted a piece with his thoughts on HB 1351, which would place restrictions on how taxpayer assistance can be spent and require drug testing to receive taxpayer assistance. Tibbs disagrees with the legislation – read his piece and let us know your thoughts on this bill.

    This post was tagged under: 2014 Election, Elections, Energy, Indiana Politics, Indiana Primary, Indiana Republicans, Jackie Walorski, Mike Pence, Open Item, SJR7/Marriage Amendment

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