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  • Profiling the Indiana State Treasurer Race

    Three candidates face off in the race for the Republican nomination for Indiana State Treasurer, we profile the campaigns of Don Bates, Kelly Mitchell and Wayne Seybold.Over the course of the past week, I reached out to the three declared candidates for the Republican nomination to be the next Indiana State Treasurer: Marion Mayor Wayne Seybold, financial adviser Don Bates, Jr. and Indiana Office of the Treasurer employee Kelly Mitchell.

    These individuals have chosen to take on a daunting task of running for statewide office and should be thanked for doing so.

    Unlike the race for Senate District 15 profiled by Managing Editor Derek Pillie last week, this race in seeking the nomination does not go through a primary. Instead, the nominee is elected by the Delegates to this year’s Indiana Republican State Convention which will be taking place in Fort Wayne.

    Below you will see my ranking of each campaign using Hoosier Access’ Power Meter. These ratings were given based off of many factors the most crucial being my conversations with the candidate themselves. The ratings are listed in alphabetical order.

    Don Bates sees service as the hallmark of his campaign for Indiana Treasurer - Rob Burgess gives his campaign a good ratingAll in all, it appears that the Bates for State Treasurer campaign is off to a solid start. Bates has built a solid team around him that is constantly building his brand and seeking to receive commitments from delegates on his behalf. Bates is also slowly making the rounds across the state. I rate this campaign as “Good” when it comes to communication, fundraising and effective presence. Read the entire Don Bates campaign profile here.

    Kelly Mitchell's campaign for Indiana Treasurer has been a pleasant surprise. Rob Burgess rates this campaign as "good"Kelly Mitchell’s campaign for State Treasurer is actually a pleasant surprise. It seems to be well organized, efficient, and running smoothly. In fact, I have heard throughout the state that Kelly Mitchell is the candidate that everyone needs to keep their eye on. I rate this campaign “Good” when it comes to organization, communication and effectiveness. This campaign would have been rated “Optimal” if fundraising numbers had been consistent with that of her opponents. Read the entire Kelly Mitchell campaign profile here.

    Wayne Seybold started strong but concerns about tactics netted his campaign a warning rating from Rob BurgessI have rated Mayor Seybold’s campaign as “Warning” based on staffing and communications concerns. This rating does not take into account any of the allegations alleged against Mayor Seybold. In fact, based on the fundraising performance, endorsement progress and official status of this campaign I would most likely have rated his campaign as “Good.” Read the entire Wayne Seybold campaign profile here.

    Please keep in mind that these ratings are simply a barometer of where we feel the campaigns stand today. These ratings in no way determine the outcome of the convention nor should they be an indicator of how the campaigns view themselves. Safe shop for tablets.

    Be sure to come back next Monday for the next installment of Candidate Mondays.

    This post was tagged under: 2014 Election, Candidate Monday, Don Bates Jr., Elections, Featured Post, Indiana Politics, Indiana Primary, Indiana Republicans, Kelly Mitchell, State Elections, Statewide Office, Wayne Seybold

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