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  • OPEN ITEM: Agendas, Campaigns and Polls Make the News

    The Purdue University family experienced a traumatic event yesterday, all Hoosiers stand in solidarity with them as they work to overcome the grief resulting from this stupid act.Before we get into the political news of the day, I want to take just a brief moment at the top of our open item to mention what was a tough day for Indiana and an even tougher day for students and supporters of Purdue University. While we engage in our debates and discussions over policy, we can all come together in moments of crisis. This blog was founded by a proud Purdue alumnus and we have many people on board who are part of the Boilermaker family and I just wanted to pay tribute to all of you and let you know we’re thinking of you.

    While there wasn’t any earth-shattering news in the political world, there were some interesting developments here and there. U.S. Senator Dan Coats (R-Indianapolis) held a statehouse press conference to discuss his agenda for the coming year. You may have caught some dribs and drabs from the press conference on our Twitter account. Be sure to follow us on Twitter to cut these breaking bits of news that we may not have time to put into a full blog post. Read a full account of Sen. Coats’ agenda by Brian Francisco of the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette.

    The biggest little race in the state of Indiana is shaping up to be the 22nd House District which covers northern Kosciusko and southern Elkhart Counties. It is on our radar screen for a Candidate Monday profile down the line, but things are already getting interesting. The incumbent, Rep. Rebecca Kubacki (R-Warsaw) is being challenged by Curt Nisly, the spouse of a county chairman. Monica Boyer with Kosciusko Silent No More and an active leader of Indiana’s Tea Party movement sides with Nisley while Abdul-Hakim Shabazz suggests in his Cheat Sheet that some of the “powers that be” are determined to defend Kubacki. In the latest development Boyer takes issue with a recent comment where Rep. Kubacki suggests that she sees herself as the “mother of Indiana.”

    One race we’re all sure to hear about if you haven’t already officially gets its first candidate. Marion Mayor Wayne Seybold filed his paperwork with the Indiana Republican Party to become the first candidate in the race for state treasurer. Mayor Seybold plans to apply his experience as mayor to the office of state treasurer if elected, saying:

    I’ve managed budgets for businesses that I’ve operated, as well as for the City of Marion. I’ve dealt with the issues facing cities and towns across Indiana. And I know that a strict program based on conservative fiscal principles works. I will bring this same discipline to Indiana’s finances when I’m elected Treasurer. And I will work closely with Hoosier municipalities to help them realize greater success, as well.

    Editor Rob Burgess wrote just over a week ago about the importance of filing to run for office. You all have an opportunity to have a voice in this race, and I’m sure the candidates running for the office would appreciate your involvement. That, and I’d love to see you in Fort Wayne for our convention – but if you haven’t done so already, consider running for delegate to represent your community at the Republican Convention. You don’t have that much time left before the deadline to file!

    Finally, one of our editors noted that Quinipiac College is polling on the Presidential race and suggests their latest results show Governor Chris Christie (R-N.J.) “falling behind” former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.). I’m not supporting anyone in this presidential race yet, but to suggest that somehow the events surrounding the bridge closing have damaged Gov. Christie’s prospects for the White House so bad that he’s losing is patently ridiculous. This college in particular puts out polls as bait for lazy reporters to write nonsensical “process stories” about factors that will have little to no bearing as to whether Gov. Christie wins the Republican nomination or Clinton would defeat him in an election to be held almost three years from now.

    This post was tagged under: 2014 Election, 2016 Election, Dan Coats, Federal Government, Gov. Chris Christie, Hillary Clinton, Indiana House, Indiana Politics, Indiana Primary, Indiana Republican Party, Indiana Republicans, Legislation, National Politics, Open Item, POTUS '16, Presidential Politics, Races to Watch, Statewide Office, Tragedy, Wayne Seybold

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