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  • Pre-School Vouchers Carry Positive Outcomes

    I’m a conservative because I don’t believe central planning creates anything but stagnation in the long run and because the market serves as a remarkable teacher when utilized properly.

    However, there are times government intervention promotes more positive unintended consequences than negative unintended consequences. One example is creating a program to distribute pre-school vouchers. This is one of Governor Mike Pence’s stated goals for 2014. Just like anything that comes from government, there are pros and cons but this program brings more good than bad to Indiana.

    Opponents of such a program could advocate for an allocation of state funds more to their liking. This is a valid argument, but allocation of public funds is always up for debate. The way public officials allocate funds is, in part, why there are elections.

    Opponents could also say part of creating a common good in society is self-regulation of oneself, and not depending on government for assistance, which strengthens government. With that being said, I don’t buy this argument because no four year old does an adequate job of regulating themselves or their education and they should not be held back because of their families economic status.

    These potential cons carry some valid arguments with them however, they do not outweigh the possible positive outcomes.

    I only have 12 weeks experience in an urban classroom setting, but shadowing this classroom provided for great time for observation. One thing I noticed was the most talented individuals in the classes weren’t always the individuals with the highest grades. One factor holding these talented kids behind was their inferior social skills and confidence levels. Socialization and human interaction with peers is huge for any age, but especially children. This program would enhance the social skills of younger, malleable children whose parents may not pay as much attention to that particular aspect of raising a child as they should or do not have the resources to allow their child to interact with their peers. There is a growing amount of evidence out there detailing the benefits of early childhood development, and I believe in this evidence from both personal experience and observed experience. This program is not just about educational development, but also social development and providing a foundation for children before kindergarten.

    A society does not progress by bringing citizens back to the pack. It progresses when the people at the back are propped up by people in every socioeconomic class. At the crux of the American dream is socioeconomic mobility. This program could make socioeconomic mobility more real to the people who would benefit from this program and create leaders not only in the front, but leaders in the back. It enhances the social skills for people who need help the most in society and props up those same people.

    Gov. Pence’s pre-school voucher proposal creates potential opportunity for the children of families in need and promotes the common good and that is why I support it.

    Nate Hummel is a young conservative who is currently selling long term financial products and supplemental healthcare insurance products. He has completed several internships with Indiana politicians and consultants. You can find him on Twitter @Nate__Hummel.

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