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  • OPEN ITEM – Pot Legalization Not Likely

    Governor PenceGood morning. Today is the 4th of January and this is your Open Item.

    According to an article in theĀ Rushville Republican, our Libertarian friends don’t have to bother holding their breath when it comes to marijuana becoming legalized. The article, which was written by Brian Howey, quotes “recent polling” apparently showing a majority of Hoosiers changing their stance on pot legaliztion. Yet, Gov. Mike Pence has spoken on the record that he does not support any reform of current marijuana laws going as far to say that he considers it a gateway drug. Therefore, do not anticipate any support for pot legalization legislation.

    In other news, supermarket giant Meijer has bought the remaining 1,200 tickets to the Indianapolis Colts playoff game tonight against the Kansas City Chiefs. The game was originally in danger of being blacked-out by the NFL because the Colts had been unable to sell out Lucas Oil Stadium. However, thanks to the mass purchase of tickets by Meijer, Colts fans in the Indianapolis television market will be able to watch the game in the comfort of their own homes. Meijer plans on donating the 1,200 to members of the military and their families.

    In case you missed it yesterday, we featured a post by two members of our editorial board where the issue of the State Legislature possibly taking a “snow day” was discussed. You can read the post here and see what other options our editors came up with to ensure that the legislature would be working like the rest of Hoosiers throughout the state.

    Finally, don’t forget to fill out our READER SURVEY! Your opinion matters to us and we want to ensure that we are providing you the content that you find most useful. Make sure to fill out the survey today!

    Is there something we missed? Is there something that you think we need to be aware of? Is there something that you would like us to considering writing a post on? Place it in the comment section below! We value your input and interaction.

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      I think they should see the work of Jeremy Dennis. Look at it.

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