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  • OPEN ITEM – Electricity prices rising?

    Good morning and Happy New Year! Here at HoosierAccess, we have made a New Years Resolution to bring back our Open Item segment. We heard from a lot of you that you missed our quick recap posts and so, starting today, we’re bringing them back to you 6 days a week. Therefore, without any further delay . . . Today is the 2nd of January and this is your Open Item.

    Electrical Lines

    Photo Credit: ElectricityRates.com

    According to The South Bend Tribune, Indiana will see it’s electrical rates surge by over 30% in the next ten years. The prediction was made by a research group out of Purdue and can be attributed federal regulations on coal-fired power plants as well as the cost of new plants. Currently, Indiana receives 80% of its electrical power from coal-fired plants. The research group is headed by Douglas Gotham who believes that as prices on electricity increase, demand will decrease.

    This report is the first of its kind to put the impact of the EPA’s new regulations on Indiana into perspective.

    The Purdue based research group is required to produce a report every 2 years for state regulators and lawmakers.

    In fact, this is an issue that is actually on the radar of some state legislators. HoosierAccess has learned that some State Representatives have posed an energy related question on constituent surveys that were recently mailed throughout their respective districts.

    As many of you have probably heard already, former Indiana Congressman Andy Jacobs passed away this past week. Congressman Jacobs last term ended in 1997.

    In case you missed it yesterday, our Editor-in-Chief, Derek Pillie posted a link to a reader’s survey. We value your opinion and we want to make sure that we are providing content that you enjoy and find useful. Please take a moment to complete the survey.

    As always, if there is a piece of news that we need to be aware of please post it in the comment section below.

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