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Merry Christmas from Hoosier Access

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you from Hoosier Access Managing Editor Derek Pillie on behalf of our editors and contributors.

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Whether you celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday or join in the celebration as part of what has become a cultural observance as much as a spiritual one, the team at Hoosier Access hopes you have a joyous holiday season.

While many of our readers come here to learn more about changes in the Indiana political or public policy landscape, these fields are traditionally bereft of the joy and peace associated with Christmas. While the two weeks traditionally associated with celebrating Christmas have seemingly become shorter and shorter, I hope that we can hold on to those feelings a bit longer.

There are many contentious issues and the nature of legislative or political advocacy is driven by conflict – people by their very nature are asked to take sides in these conflicts and people have varying personal stakes in these battles, which can transform simple differences of opinion into full-blown personal grudges.

As you are challenged to take sides in these battles, argue with passion and verve, but remember you’re arguing with another person. Avoid the temptation to score easy points by taking someone down a peg. There is a great tradition in American politics where the fiercest of political rivals can be great personal friends. It seems you see less of this now and I would argue it’s because we make choices that enable these personal conflicts.

I write this as someone who struggles with these challenges. In campaigns I have a hard time not seeing red when interacting with people from the opposing camp. That said, with time and distance from those direct conflicts I’ve come to like and respect many of the people I have worked against. I’m just as guilty as anyone else, but hope to find ways to change it. I hope others feel the same and will join me, or those who have already made the commitment will share their wisdom as to how to get it done.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to one and all!

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