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  • Are You Prepared for What’s Ahead?

    A&E's Duck Dynasty put show star on hiatus for answering a question about his opinion on homsexualityMany people have noted that Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame has been suspended by A&E for expressing his views on homosexual acts among many other types of sins described in The Bible. Rather than just repeat what others have said, I’ll refer you to Brian Myers commentary on Robertson’s suspension at Caffeinated Thoughts:

    I once heard Alistair Begg say something along the lines of how our culture will tolerate nearly anything, but there were two things that would not be tolerated: You cannot make exclusive claims to truth about God, and you cannot make exclusive claims to truth about human sexuality.

    Probably the most healthy reaction to this drama was captured by Michelle Malkin’s team at Twitchy, where they noted Robertson’s granddaughter’s tweet immediately after the suspension was announced. Since then the family has announced that they are sticking together, all or none, and are in discussions with A&E as to what that means for the show.

    One of the more comprehensive takes on the aftermath of the article, A&E’s reaction, and the ensuing debate that has taken place in social media can be found on the Pray. Eat. & Create. blog by Claire Brown. Brown comprehensively addresses how many Christians who identify with Phil Robertson’s comments approach the issue of homosexuality.

    People who support H.J.Res. 6 have this type of pressure to look forward to over the next few months. I already have read one conservative write about her frustration with trying to get people activated to stand up for their beliefs. This issue is not pleasant to discuss. This issue is one where we will be cast as stupid, intolerant, and or just plain evil.

    So what can be done? If the issue comes up in conversation, have the confidence to share your position. Speak from the heart. Speak not out of hate but out of love. Speak not out of frustration but out of hope. Speak not out of malice but out of generosity. If people who know you can’t accept your position on this issue and write you off as an intolerant bigot because in this one instance you don’t share the same position, it’s not likely they know you well at all.

    The chips are stacked against those who support giving voters the option to decide this issue. Many who receive their livelihood from the voters are doing the best they can to keep them out of the discussion – most notably some of our public universities (i.e. Indiana University, Ball State University) and local governments (i.e. scads of mayors and county commissioners). The media has framed support of HJR 6 being equivalent of hating a class of people instead of empowering voters to decide an important issue. As a consequence many who support HJR 6 are afraid to stand up and share their views for fear of being castigated by those who oppose the resolution.

    Is that how democracy is supposed to work? There’s a popular position and there’s a wrong position? One would think that if the position is so popular that supporters of HJR 6 would welcome a vote by Hoosiers to demonstrate their support. The reality is they fear voters don’t share their perspective on this issue. When you live in fear you take desperate actions.

    Two sessions ago we witnessed the pressure that union organizations places on legislators regarding the Right to Work legislation. Do you think the pressure on legislators will be any less intense? Do you think that your legislator might buckle under the pressure because he or she doesn’t see any support for HJR 6 in their local community?

    All too often conservatives think that when our candidates win the election that means the job is done. That’d be like saying when you call someone on the phone and ask them to support your candidate, you just assume they’re going to show up on election day. Legislators are human and are subjected to enormous pressures on more issues than you’d think. If we are unwilling to show them our support, why should we assume they can stand up to the pressure? If you’re comfortable with doing more than sharing your thoughts in polite conversation, contact pro-family organizations in your community to see how you can show your legislators you have their back on this issue.

    Because conservative views are often unpopular your beliefs will require you to stand up against the mainstream sometimes. Society is always going to push for what’s new and that doesn’t always align with conservative beliefs. That doesn’t mean conservatives should just accept it and move on. Take the time to take a stand for your believe and let the chips fall where they may, but don’t let this moment pass just because it’s uncomfortable. If you do I guarantee you’re going to have to deal with a lot more discomfort down the line.

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