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Reflections in a Bleary Eye: Alec Baldwin, Conservative Poster Boy?

Alec Baldwin is photographed by paparazzi. He is being targeted by conservative groups, but maybe for the wrong reasons?Much as it pains me, I must admit: I agree with Ann Coulter on the trials and tribulations of Alec Baldwin.

As Ann points out in her article, liberals and conservatives alike are bullying Alec these days. And I can vouch for that.

A week or so ago, Ben Shapiro’s TruthRevolt organization, of which I’m a member, launched a campaign against Baldwin, hoping to get his new MSNBC show cancelled before it even went into production. That it seems to have succeeded in this owes more, I suspect, to liberal indignation than to anything TruthRevolt did. But that’s another story.

My first reaction to TruthRevolt’s campaign announcement was, “Yeah, I can support this! I detest Baldwin’s nasty, boorish behavior in general and his smug, anti-conservative diatribes in particular! He deserves everything we can throw at him!”

But, after reading TruthRevolt’s email, I found myself getting more and more disturbed by these sentences in it:

“MSNBC host and actor Alec Baldwin has been caught again using homophobic terminology in attacking the press.”

“This is hardly the first time Baldwin has used incendiary anti-gay language.”

“It’s time for MSNBC to dump Baldwin. No one should be allowed to make such comments regularly and get away with it.”

And I started wondering:

Alec Baldwin’s jackassery aside …

Why is TruthRevolt – and Ben Shapiro, of all people! – concerned about something as dubious as “homophobia” and anyone’s use of allegedly “homophobic terminology”?

Not only that, but …

Why would TruthRevolt, or any conservative group, so readily align itself with the LGBT community and its “anti-bullying” agenda when this community is so actively engaged in bullying Christians (and Jews, I might add) into accommodating gay marriage? (We know they won’t stop pressing the issue, either – because they’ve said so – until the law forces all churches to officiate gay marriages.)

Finally, I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t join TruthRevolt in this campaign, and I wrote the organization to lay my concerns before it. Let me summarize those concerns as follows:

TruthRevolt and other conservative groups ought to be very careful about aligning themselves with organizations or movements that are typically opposed to conservatism. No matter how pragmatic such an alignment might look in the short run, it will inevitably come back to bite you in the end. Come on, people, show a little integrity, huh?

I fully support speaking out against bullying. I don’t tolerate it from myself, my friends, or my family. I don’t tolerate it from Alec Baldwin. And I don’t tolerate it from gays. (But much depends on how one defines bullying. And I don’t always agree that the label is accurately applied.)

I also fully support speaking out against homosexuality. Not because I fear it, but because I fear God and want others to understand that they should, too.

And I agree with Ann Coulter: as a conservative, I believe in the right of free speech for everyone, no matter how offensive their speech may be to me, personally. As long as my right to tune it out or respond to it in a legal and moral manner, according to my conscience, is also upheld.

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