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The absurdity of funding Planned Parenthood

Think about this number for a minute: $169,000.00.That is how much more Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky took in over what they spent thus far into their fiscal year, according to the report they presented to the Monroe County Council requesting a handout from the county council’s community service grants.

There are two other numbers that you should remember: $100,000.00 and $192,109.00. Those numbers represent the amount that the county council will be disbursing at their meeting tonight and the total amount of money requested by local social service agencies to serve the community. The council will need to deny almost fifty percent of the requests for funding from local social service agencies.

Here is the final number you should consider: $5,000.00. That is the number that should be the easiest for the Monroe County Council to cut from the funding requests tonight, because that is how much money PPINK is requesting for their women’s health fund. This is an organization that has a profit that is 69% larger than the entire amount of money that the council will be distributing tonight.

Financially, it makes absolutely no sense to give a grant to Planned Parenthood when there are many other organizations that do not have the backing of a statewide and national corporation that is swimming in cash. Beyond that, many of the council’s constituents oppose giving any money to PPINK on moral grounds because PPINK operates an abortion clinic just a few blocks south of where the county council will be meeting.

The Monroe County Council meets tonight at 5:30 p.m. in the county courthouse. I sincerely hope they will come to their senses and not give a dime to the local abortion clinic. Sadly, I expect the council (with a 5-2 Democratic majority) will make a fiscally irresponsible, immoral and disrespectful choice by giving yet another handout to the merchants of death.

Scott Tibbs blogs at ConservaTibbs.com. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

This post was tagged under: corporate welfare, Local Government, Local Politics, Pork Barrel Spending, Pro-Life

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