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  • Connie Lawson Visits Allen County Republicans

    Lawson at Allen GOPSecretary of State Connie Lawson visited the Downtown GOP Club earlier this week to share information about her work and take questions from the Republican activists who gathered to hear from her. Lawson indicated that her passion for the work of the office comes from earlier in her political career when she served as a county clerk and dealt with the challenges of administering elections on the local level.

    There were many stories she shared of voter fraud that her office has worked to investigate or are in the process of investigating. One story in particular stuck out, she had a friend ask her if she wouldn’t be okay with even 1% voter fraud if 95% of voters participated in an election. Lawson walked through the fact that 1% would have changed the result of several elections through fraud, and while she would love to have more people voting, the first priority is that those who do participate don’t have their votes spoiled by people trying to cheat the system.

    Lawson shared that one of her frustrations of late has been that people who are working to the same goal are to willing to get into arguments with each other over tactics. This topic is something some of our writers have tackled as well and is a common theme inside the party of late. She quoted Hoosier Congressman Todd Young‘s comment at a Republican Dinner she attended, “We have to keep control of the House. Only way to stop Obama is to keep some control of Congress.”

    Finally, during the question and answer session there was a robust discussion about utilizing vote centers. Lawson has been an active advocate for their use but there are only a few counties using them so far. She addressed questions about ballot security and which party has been the roadblock to adoption of vote centers. She commented that while vote centers may not be the right solution for every county, she’s glad that some are taking advantage of this option.

    The appointment of Dwayne Sawyer to Auditor of State encouraged her and she’s looking forward to being part of the statewide ticket! She did encourage everyone gathered to get involved, whether it be help with a campaign, or get involved online. While I don’t necessarily think that social media and blogging replaces traditional campaign activities like going door to door, it is a great way to help spread the message. We’re always looking for new contributions to Hoosier Access! Just send me what you’d like published.

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