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  • They Came, Were Recognized, and Partied!

    The Hoosier Access Top 25 Under 25 in Indiana Politics, Powered by The Prosper Group pose for the cameras after being recognizedThis year we introduced a new element of being part of the Hoosier Access Top 25 Under 25 in Indiana Politics, Powered by The Prosper Group – a reception. I’ll be honest with you, I wasn’t sure how exactly things would turn out, but in the end last week we packed the upstairs lounge at Mesh on Mass in Indianapolis with some hardworking young conservative activists, their families, friends, elected officials, politicians and some long in the tooth editors for what was an amazing night.

    Our first surprise was a visit from our Auditor of State, Dwayne Sawyer. Not only did he stop by to greet our young honorees, but he stuck around, shared a few words and even posed for pictures with our sponsors. Another surprise for our guests was actual certificates recognizing them for their achievement. Because we run a tight ship (read: we were blessed with a great sponsor – thanks Americans for Prosperity – Indiana), AFP sent us their massive photo scrim to use as a backdrop for pictures. As each of our honorees who were able to attend stood up to be recognized, they were presented with their certificate and posed for pictures with Auditor Sawyer, Kristen and Kurt Luidhardt, Founder and Co-Founder of The Prosper Group, and Chase Downham, Indiana State Director of Americans for Prosperity.

    Some other notable figures in the crowd included two guests from the Indiana Republican Party – Rachel Jacobs, our newly minted Political Director, and Pete Seat, the Communications Director. Curt Smith from the Indiana Family Institute was also in attendance.

    I can’t thank all of the people who helped make this wonderful event happen enough – from the amazing team at Mesh on Mass to our sponsors The Prosper Group and Americans for Prosperity – Indiana, to our editors who came together from all corners of the state to make this list and the event happen, especially Mark Warner, Robert Burgess and Derek Trovillion who all stepped up to help out, to Editor Emeritus Josh Gillespie who kept our guests entertained, to the man, Nick Barbknecht who has really driven the efforts to make this list happen every year.

    On a personal note, we were able to make this amazing event happen thanks to the incredible financial support extended to us from our sponsors. With a little bit of resources we had a great time, recognized some young Hoosier talent and hopefully helped encourage them to stay in the game for years to come. With more support, but that takes sponsors. Please contact us if you’d be interested in sponsoring an event in the future or click here to see how you can advertise on Hoosier Access.

    Everyone is gathered to help us recognize this year's class of the Top 25 Under 25 in Indiana Politics, Powered by The Prosper Group

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    15 responses to “They Came, Were Recognized, and Partied!”

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