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  • 20 signs you’ve gulped the DC kool aid

    In the wake of the newest betrayal by GOP leadership in DC, Jennifer Rubin has an exasperatingly insulting article out (I refuse to link to it) about the 20 signs we small government folks have ‘drunk the kool aid.’

    Many of us conservatives, however, are no stranger to her sad exploits though, as she appeals to her beltway buddies and ignores the realities of the threats we face to our Republic. So, as a rebuttal to her Hanoi Jane piece, I have posted my 20 signs she (and others) have gulped the DC kool aid. Have some of your own? Share in the comments section below this post.

    1) You feel threatened by Sen. Ted Cruz and other elected Republicans who haven’t put in their time like President Sen. John McCain has.

    2) You talk flippantly (and harmfully) about Cuccinelli as if it helps him in final weeks of his race for Governor. You don’t find such mentions and down-talking to be amateur or unhelpful.

    3) You think if the shutdown went on longer, most Americans would feel impacted like it would cause their prime time TV to go away or something. Also, “The Walking Dead” apocalypse suddenly seems more realistic to you.

    4) Dips in off-year polling for conservative senators drives you to take a Xanax, take a Pepcid AC, and bring prayers to your favorite federal sacred cow idols.

    5) You think it’s not worth criticizing your buddies in the mainstream media (like those at MSNBC) even though ridiculing them has at least correlated with (if not caused) some major advances in discrediting them / causing them loss of viewers / revenue.

    6) You are too isolated in a bureaucrat echo chamber to realize how badly ObamaCare is going.

    7) You think the mainstream media matters enough to mention it in the same breath as the Cruz filibuster. Too bad someone couldn’t invent some internet based media to bypass that and celebrate a GOPer making a stand against the same old same old out of DC…

    8) You spend more time pushing a deceptive narrative about conservatives who lost in 2012 than you spend talking about all the moderate senate candidates who lost in 2010 and 2012 (Allen, Berg, Hoekstra, Mack, Rehberg, Rossi, Wilson, etc).

    9) You think that having an R or a D next to a name is more significant than what that R or D votes for,

    10) You relish it when a conservative icon reveals he has a moderate belief because then you can knock the conservative base.

    11) You think it’s smart for Gov. Christie to lambaste the GOP more than he blasts Obama.

    12) You think bending over for the Dems is the right move on the shutdown. Cause elections have consequences, er something… I love the founding father who said that. Who was it again? Patrick Henry, right?

    13) You think the only way to win Hispanic voters is to give away freebies and break immigration laws as if they all identify with those stereotypical causes.

    14) You think that the definition of ‘sellout’ doesn’t somehow encompass people who give in to statists who betray our constitutional founding and take our country into disastrous new levels of vulnerability. See also: Is/was ObamaCare a tax? Do we have to read bills before passing them? Should we weaken our military? Should we disarm our citizens? Should we ignore John Adams and enslave our country with debt? Etc.

    15) See #14

    16) You think that conservative states are better served by moderate senators in the interest of ‘bipartisanship’ and ‘getting stuff done’ (whatever the hell that means). You also place more emphasis on the US operating like a democracy than a republic.

    17) You think the 2012 POTUS election happened in a vacuum, as if we haven’t been frustrated by the big government GOP candidates nominated every year since 1988 (and prior to that with Nixon and Ford).

    18) You balk at any effort to keep marriage sacred (even at the state level) because you value selfish desires and worldly approval over self control and societal standards for the basic building block of community.

    19) You think that Ronald Reagan is an idol and not just our minimum expectation for POTUS material.

    20) You don’t like right-wing talk show hosts in general because you envy their success.

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