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  • The Race for State Treasurer is On!

    Don Bates has announced his intention to run for Indiana State Treasurer in 2014Rob Burgess previewed the race for Indiana State Treasurer along with the other statewide elections to be decided next year about four months ago. One of those races has “officially” started. Don Bates emailed party leaders this morning announcing his intention to run for State Treasurer.

    Bates is a financial planner who ran unsuccessfully in the primary for U.S. Senate in 2010. He then ran for office two years later in the primary for the Sixth Congressional district, finishing behind current Congressman Luke Messer and activist and developer Travis Hankins. There has been widespread speculation that he was considering this race, but held off on making a decision until after his wife gave birth to twins this summer.

    From his letter to party officials, Bates wrote:

    I also wanted to let you know that after months of thought, consideration, prayer, and listening to many of you, I have decided to seek the nomination for State Treasurer at next year’s State GOP Convention, and will be making a formal announcement very soon. This month I celebrated 15 years of managing my clientsinvest-able assets, and I can’t think of a higher honor than to use those years of experience as a Financial Advisor to manage the assets of the taxpayers of the great State of Indiana.

    Marion Mayor Wayne Seybold has been running for State Treasurer for several monthsWayne Seybold announced his intention to run for this office a number of months ago and has been slowly but steadily building up support. He has acquired some high profile donors and they Kyle Walker, Marion County’s Republican Chairman, according to the Seybold campaigns ‘s Facebook page.

    Handicapping this race is going to be tricky – location may wind up favoring Seybold with the convention in Fort Wayne should people elect to not travel to the “new” location, but Bates has spent a generous amount of time in northeast Indiana during his Senate run and is highly regarded among many conservative activists in the area. Both men have a great deal of work ahead of them. Bates’ announcement will probably cap off the field, we haven’t heard of any other big names considering a run for Treasurer, but there’s plenty of time left! If you have a thought on this race, feel free to share your perspective in our comments section.

    Starting next week, we’re going to start publishing a “power meter” to determine how plugged in each candidate’s campaign is to their respective races. There are many services out there who offer a handicapping of the race, trying to predict who is “winning” or “losing.” At Hoosier Access we are all campaign veterans and understand the race is never “won” or “lost” until the votes are cast on election day. We hope to bring our perspective on campaigns and share with you who is doing a good job and who has work to do.

    This post was tagged under: 2014 Election, Don Bates Jr., Indiana Politics, Statewide Office, Wayne Seybold

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