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  • Phyllis Pond In Memoriam: Legislator, Educator, Advocate

    State Representative Phyllis Pond (R-New Haven) has passed away at the age of 82Phyllis Pond, the longest serving female state representative in Indiana history, has passed away today at the age of 82. Pond, a resident of New Haven, represented Allen County in the statehouse for 35 years. By way of perspective, when she was first elected I was only two years old.

    A kindergarten teacher in New Haven, it was often said that if Pond hadn’t taught one of her constituents in school, she taught their kids. She was known by those around Allen County for speaking her mind and not hesitating to lean on her experience to guide her decision-making.

    While her health declined in later years, Pond never stopped doing what she could to represent her constituents. The House Majority Caucus sent out a press release relaying that she started using a ruler to make it easier for her to reach the voting buttons in the House of Representatives.

    As an outspoken leader who did not shy from what she believed, she generated a number of enemies and many considered challenging her for her seat and others would run against her year in and year out and she defeated all comers. I remember having conversations with many people who would look at running against her and ultimately felt that Pond’s connection with her constituents was too strong for them to overcome.

    Pond had already announced her intention to resign from office and a caucus is scheduled to select the candidate who will represent the 85th House District in Indianapolis. While there are a number of qualified candidates running for the position, it can be safely said that whoever successfully navigates the caucus can never replace Phyllis Pond.

    Here are some tweets being shared by those who knew and worked with Pond:

    Chris Sikich of the Indianapolis Star was the first to report the news online:



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    2 Responses to “Phyllis Pond In Memoriam: Legislator, Educator, Advocate”

    1. […] Rep. Torr was the first of many of his colleagues on Twitter to share his condolences on the passing of State Representative Phyllis Pond, who is being laid to rest today. His simple but touching message set the tone that many followed […]

    2. […] Indiana Statehouse lost a Representative a few weeks ago with the passing of State Representative Phyllis Pond (R-New Haven). Prior to her death she announced her intention to resign from her position […]

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