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  • Karl Rove: Genius or Utter Failure?

    Karl Rove has spent $160 million to turn out less voters for Romney than came out for McCain.

    Courtesy: Doug Ross @ Journal

    Some sobering thoughts on the impact Karl Rove has had on the conservative movement from Doug Ross @ Journal. Ross ties Rove’s recent track record along with the positioning on the fight over ObamaCare.

    Indiana’s Republican delegation received a nice profile by David Lawder of Reuters yesterday in the wake of the vote to defund ObamaCare. It’s clear they stand behind the House leadership’s decision to reject Karl Rove’s advice and force the Democrats to take some action to stop the implementation of this poor health policy or allow the government to shut down.

    In addition to the data about Karl Rove Ross has put together, he includes a transcript of the exchange between Mark Levin and Tom DeLay on the Mark Levin show. DeLay describes the decision to force then President Bill Clinton to accept cuts or shut down the government the best thing the Republicans did because it shifted the momentum from the President to Congress when it came to initiating policy changes – an impact that lasted six years.

    While Karl Rove seems to prefer to think that the conservative movement is like some kind of grand rebellion and as long as we keep fighting and never play to win, we’ll stay relevant. The problem with that line of thinking is that rebellions need to win to keep the hearts and minds of the people and those who support them. The American Revolution would never have survived if not for Saratoga. Gettysburg broke the back of the Confederacy. If we don’t try to win this policy fight, we may not be able to capture the hearts and minds of those we hope to represent.

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