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  • How’s that hope & change workin’ out for ya?

    There was a protest on the Indiana University campus this past Wednesday, in response to the university’s decision to eliminate fifty part-time hourly positions. As I noted on September 10, this was done (at least in part) to avoid the burdensome employer mandate in ObamaCare.

    How’s that hope & change workin’ out for ya?

    Some people do not like that question. They argue I am “taunting” Obama supporters or that I am “immature” and that I should not quote Sarah Palin. (I am actually quoting Rush Limbaugh. Palin’s statement used slightly different wording.) Is this an appropriate question, and is it appropriate to bring up Obama’s 2008 campaign slogan to address problems created by ObamaCare? Of course it is.

    ObamaCare is the cornerstone of Obama’s domestic policy agenda. Obama has said repeatedly he will not allow the Republicans in Congress to cut funding for ObamaCare and would veto legislation to keep the government running if it does not fund his health care “reform.” In other words, Obama is willing to shut down the government in 2013 in order to defend the signature “accomplishment” of his first term.

    When people are losing their jobs or their jobs are outsourced because of the burdens that Obama’s health care “reform” is putting on employers, it is wholly appropriate to ask how “hope and change” is working for people.

    We should not forget a key question: Is anyone really surprised by this? When ObamaCare places significant cost burdens on employers, did Obama really think they would just sit there and take it? Or is it more logical that they would attempt to limit the costs that ObamaCare imposes upon them? The answer is obvious, whether that employer is a for-profit business or a not-for-profit university like IU.

    The people protesting Indiana University’s decision (the cast majority of whom voted for Obama) are focusing their outrage in the wrong place. They should be protesting ObamaCare instead and urging for the law to be modified or repealed so things like this do not happen.

    They will not do that, of course. They want the “good” of ObamaCare but not the bad.

    Scott Tibbs blogs at ConservaTibbs.com. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

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