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  • Greetings from Orlando – Open Item

    Hoosier Access Open Item returns after a short break with news about the relationship between the Heritage Foundation and the Republican Study Committee and upcoming featuresHey, we may be in Florida but it doesn’t mean we can’t stay on top of what is going on back in the Hoosier state, right? For those of you who are wondering this place is amazing and we have a full day of content headed your way.

    Back home some of the big news includes a shake-up on the Republican side of the Marion County Sheriff Race. Last night Jim Grimes sent an email to supporters indicating that he would be pulling out of the race in favor of an unnamed candidate who the party feels would be in the best position to challenge incumbent Sheriff John Layton (D). It will be curious to see if there are more announcements headed our way.

    An interesting story comes our way from the City County Observer blog by Brad Linzy. A Republican precinct committeewoman from Vanderburgh County was given a dressing down by her county chairman for posting material on her Facebook page critical of incumbent Congressman Larry Bucshon (R-Newburgh). According to Linzy’s article the issue is that Vanderburgh County Republican Chairman Wayne Parke told precinct committwoman Brenda Bergwitz that the “county organization” is supporting Buschon and her posting material is not inline with how a precinct committeeman should behave.

    Linzy has a ton of documents on the exchange between Chairman Parke and Committeewoman Bergwitz, I encourage you to review them for yourself. The question for me is whether or not this is a legitimate perspective coming from the county chairman – are precinct committeemen automatically tied to the decisions of their chairmen? I understand that the default position of any county party is that they support the incumbent officeholder, but it wasn’t that long ago we had a primary election where a number of county chairmen did not support the incumbent – were their precinct committeemen obligated to fall in line behind their decision? This story speaks to a larger issue regarding how party leadership interact with the grassroots of the party. How do you think the situation should have been handled?

    We recently learned that this year’s GenCon was the largest drawing attraction since Indianapolis hosted the Super Bowl in 2012. Well state leaders are going to join Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard for an announcement this morning that is widely anticipated to include launching a bid for hosting the Super Bowl in 2018. You may know that the next Super Bowl is scheduled to be hosted in New Jersey in an open-air facility – it was said when they were selected the experience Indy provided was a point in their favor that a cold-weather city could host the big event.

    Later today we’ll have our Tweet of the Week nominations ready for your votes. Don’t forget to send in your nominations if you see something you think should be considered. Also be sure to watch our Twitter feed for updates from RightOnline or, if you want to check out the action for yourself, just follow the hashtag #RO13. A great way to do that is to use Twubs. You just connect via your Twitter account, punch in the hashtag and you’re off and running!

    EDIT: Fixed errors identifying people involved with the Marion County Sheriff’s race

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