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  • GUEST POST: Young Republicans Key to Future Success

    “Young Republicans Key to Future Success” by Michael Neal


    In the last election cycle we saw Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney

    slightly edge out President Barack Obama in Indiana’s young vote totals, but the

    President completely overtook Romney in the young vote nationwide. While I don’t

    want to rehash Romney’s loss nationally, it does outline for us one important fact:

    Republicans must do better in the under-40 vote.


    Many people have thrown around tons of ideas nationwide, and many of them are valid.

    My greater concern is what does all this mean for Indiana? With a strong state party and

    the majority of elected offices across the state, many would say we are in pretty good

    shape – and I would definitely agree with them. However, we can’t allow ourselves to get

    comfortable where we are at or fall into complacency, but begin planning ahead for the

    future. We need to anticipate what the next landscape will look like and where we need

    to do better. We must lay out a vision not just for the now, but also for the future.


    The under-40 vote needs to be on the top of the list of priorities for our party, and I

    believe it now is. Winning over the newer and upcoming generations now and solidifying

    those generations is key to future Republican victories in Indiana and across the nation.

    Organizations like the Indiana Federation of Young Republicans (IFYR) – in partnership

    with the Indiana Republican Party – are key to the continued engagement of the youth

    and young professional voters.


    Our organization is a place where younger generations can become educated,

    engaged, and build lifelong networks for their current and future careers. Leaders like

    Congressmen Todd Young and Marlin Stutzman emerged from the Young Republicans.

    Speaker Brian Bosma, President Pro-Tem David Long and State Party Chairman Tim

    Berry – just to name a few more. Organizations like this are necessary for leadership

    development, networking, and education of future leaders and the citizenry in general.

    Many members of the IFYR are already engaged in the political process and leading in

    many ways. Some work in key roles in government. Others lead their county’s political

    party. Some are expanding our economy through the private sector or are working for

    one of the members of our Congressional Delegation. We also have several members

    of the IFYR in elected office.


    Additionally, membership in the IFYR is meant to be a supplement to a leadership role

    in our party, our campaigns, and our community: not a replacement or a substitute. It

    is a place where people of the same age-groups and ideologies can come together,

    work together, and build together. It is a place where we can educate our friends, our

    neighbors, and our community. I believe the best way for our generation to be reached

    is for our generation to reach out.


    From social events and networking to campaign deployments; From fundraisers

    to strategy sessions: It’s time to get to work for the betterment of our party, our

    communities, our state, and our nation. The Indiana Federation of Young Republicans

    will be leading the way along with the Indiana Republican Party to do just that.


    Michael Neal serves as State Federation Chair of the Indiana Young Republicans and is a member of the Midwest Leadership Team for the National Federation.

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