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  • LIVE BLOG: Smart Girl Summit 2013

    After a great panel on Fighting Back Against Women on the Left, the attendees of Smart Girl Summit 2013 are on a 15 minute break. When the come back, they will be in a discussion panel on Common Core standards. For even quicker updates, follow our Twitter feed, @HoosierAccess.

    There was a great reaction to the panel on Minority Outreach at this year’s Smart Girl Summit. Currently, the attendees are in the middle of a panel discussion about Fighting Back Against Women on the Left. Stacy Mott, friend of Hoosier Access and founder of Smart Girl Politics, played a video that SGP put out last year to counter the “War on Women.”

    Hoosier Access – With the news that has come out in the last two week about the grading scale scandal at the Department of Education, how do you believe Superintendent Ritz has handled this situation?

    Lt. Governor Ellspermann – I believe that Superintendent Ritz, the Governor and our leadership in the House and Senate all agree that this is something deserves a full investigation and it should be looked at very closely. We are in strong agreement that we believe in accountability. Our administration and our leadership in the House and Senate want to make sure those scorecards are right and appropriate.

    Hoosier Access – In regards to Common Core, do you believe that this scandal could affect the course of removing Common Core from Indiana or at least suspending it.

    Lt. Governor Ellspermann – I sure hope that those that are studying Common Core are keeping the objective in mind which is, ‘What are the right standards for Hoosier children,’ and making sure that we are focusing solely on that. This shouldn’t be political decision making. This should be what is best for the children, our future workforce, in Indiana to make sure they are prepared and will be successful going forward. So, I can’t really make a prediction on how that will play out.

    Hoosier Access – Today we heard you talk about the need for more women to run for elected office and actually serve in the public space. Do you have a hope here in Indiana to see a larger amount of women in the State Legislature and would you like to see more women on the statewide ballot?

    Lt. Governor Ellspermann – Oh, absolutely. In fact, you will find me going around the state, shaking the bushes, trying to bring more women into those roles. Women are not a minority. We are over 50% of the population. So, we have no excuse. We need to be there. Women have important perspectives to bring and we are great problem-solvers. We are great at getting the facts out on the table and being consensus builders. We need that in our statehouse and in the Congress as well.

    Stacy Mott has taken the podium and has asked everyone to come in from the hall so that Smart Girl Summit 2013 can begin. Lt. Governor Sue Ellspermann has arrived.

    Today’s schedule at Smart Girl Summit:

    Welcome – Lisa Mei

    Opening Speaker – Indiana Lt. Governor Sue Ellspermann

    Minority Outreach Panel – Kira Davis, Jennifer Korn, Adrieene Ross, Brittney Morrett

    Fight Back Against Women on the Left Panel – Tami Nantz, Hadley Heath, Colleen Holcomb, Stacy Mott

    Congressional Candidate in the Maryland 6th Dan Bongino


    Official agenda was just passed out to Blogger’s Row! Summit is scheduled to start at 1:00pm with the National Anthem followed by Lt. Governor Ellespermann and then a welcome video by Governor Mike Pence.

    Friday 12:25pm
    Good Afternoon HoosierAccess fans! We are coming to you LIVE from Smart Girl Summit 2013 right here in downtown Indianapolis! Smart Girl Summit is put on by Smart Girl Politics and we are extremely excited to be covering this event. The first speaker is scheduled to take the podium at 1:10 pm. That speaker is none other than our very own Lt. Governor Sue Ellspermann.

    Several members of the Editorial Board are going to be covering this wonderful event this weekend. Stay tuned to this piece or tune into our twitter account, @HoosierAccess, for updates.

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